Viola and orsino relationship advice

viola and orsino relationship advice

Twelfth Night. William Shakespeare. 1. In love with Viola/Cesaro (think she's a man). 1. In love with Orsino. love with Olivia. 1. Olivia's Unlce. I reckon Orsino did start to fall in love with Cesario before, but was in denial Just wandering what people think of the whole Cesario / Orsino relationship. . play and she reciprocates by giving him friendly advice throughout. Not knowing what to do or where to go, Viola decides to disguise herself as a boy and, calling herself Cesario, to work for the Duke Orsino. She is sent by the.

viola and orsino relationship advice

Sebastian and Olivia get married and Orsino, discovering that his best friend is really a woman, proposes to her instead. Although Viola, with her hidden identity, is the cause of much confusion in the play, she is still one of the most honest and sympathetic characters. Passionate - when Viola speaks of her love for Orsino, she suggests she could pine away for love of him.


Genuine - whereas Orsino and Olivia seem able to switch the focus of their love quite quickly — Orsino from Olivia to Viola and Olivia from Cesario to Sebastian — Viola remains true to her feelings throughout. Friends, family and enemies Orsino - her master and her love Olivia - the countess inadvertently falls in love with Viola She is related to: Sebastian - her brother speaks of her with love She is enemies with: Sir Andrew Aguecheek - he reluctantly duels with her because of Olivia Changes in character When Viola finds herself shipwrecked and alone she disguises herself as a boy, Cesario, and gets a job with Duke Orsino.

Viola falls in love with Duke Orsino but is unable to tell him how she feels. Viola reveals that she is in fact a girl and marries the Duke.

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Character analysis How does Viola show she is genuine? The play ends with the prospective marriage of Orsino and Viola but there are two other marriages during the play: It is a pity to overlook the marriage of Toby and Maria because it is a culmination of the action for two principal characters.

Pointing their relationship can add much to the humanity of the play. Sir Toby Not a bad man; merely boorish and fun loving; not averse to pumping Sir Andrew for 2 thousand presumably ducats whilst urging him to a hopeless marriage proposal. Fond of his drink, always seeking company, happy to play a prank on the prude, Malvolio, who, after all, has spoilt his fun.

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Maria As Olivia 's gentle woman ie maid occupies a position of high status servant. Loyal to Olivia and politely friendly towards Cesario.

viola and orsino relationship advice

Shows concern at Olivia's troubled state after his visits. Loves Sir Toby and relates closely with him throughout the play Sir Toby is Viola's uncle and therefore socially above Malvolio by virtue of title and relationship. Maria sees Toby as a social superior who could lift her from a maid's life to that of a lady, however precarious, and, in any case, is enchanted by his rough but affectionate manner.

viola and orsino relationship advice

She probably feels she could improve him. She achieves presumably happiness when she marries Sir Toby at the end of the play.

viola and orsino relationship advice

Sir Toby enters swinging Maria on his arm. Act 2 Scene 3 Sir Toby: I could marry this wench… Toby's delight at the success of Maria's trick.