Where routes 25 and 70 meet

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where routes 25 and 70 meet

U.S. Route 64 (US 64) is an east–west United States highway that runs for 2, miles (3, The two routes remain together until they meet Interstate 35, which US joins briefly southbound while US The route shares the bridge with Interstate 55 and U.S. Routes 61, 70, and I‑25 / US 85 / US 87 in Raton. In the U.S. state of Colorado, U.S. Route 40 is a major east–west route. It crosses the Rocky Mountains, passing over the Continental Divide at Berthoud Pass before descending to the front range. It then traverses through the Denver Metro Area, then exits by following I . , , I (US 6 / US 85 / US 87 ) / Auraria Parkway – Colorado. Interstate 70 (I) is a major east–west Interstate Highway in the United States that runs from I near Cove Fort, Utah, to I near Baltimore, Maryland. I approximately traces the path of U.S. Route 40 (US 40, the old National Entering from Utah, I descends into the Grand Valley, where it meets the Colorado.

where routes 25 and 70 meet

Leaving Denver, I levels out and traverses the wide plains through eastern Colorado. Interstate 70 in Kansas Coming from Colorado, I enters the prairie, farmlands, and rolling hills of Kansas. This portion of I was the first segment to start being paved and to be completed in the Interstate Highway System.

In TopekaI intersects Itwice. At the eastern intersection, the Kansas Turnpike merges, with I becoming a toll road.

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This is one of only two sections of I that are tolled. The other is part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I carries this designation from Topeka to Kansas City, the eastern terminus of the turnpike.

where routes 25 and 70 meet

I has an exit at SH 55 which serves the town of Crook. With farms on the south part of the freeway as well, I enters Sedgwick Countycrossing SH 59 which heads to Sedgwick. The freeway then veers eastward before turning back northeast toward Julesburg. I comes to an exit at U. Highwaywhich heads northwest to Julesburg.

U.S. Route 70

I then heads northeast to the Nebraska state line. It is signed as a north—south direction as opposed to the east—west designation in Colorado. Its only interchange is at Interstate 80numbered exit based on I's mileage. History[ edit ] I exit along E Untilboth the western segment of Interstate 76 and a portion of the eastern Interstate 76 were signed as Interstate 80S.

where routes 25 and 70 meet

This prompted the replacement of around signs in eliminating IS. The number, "76", has an association withthe year Colorado was admitted as a state. I was conceived in August Highways were known by a bewildering variety of names which typically changed at each town.

where routes 25 and 70 meet

And they were only named, not numbered. During the s the first national highway was conceived: A companion effort was launched to create a transcontinental highway stretching across the southern half of the country, this one named in honor of Confederate States of America general Robert E.

The two highways were a revolution of sorts, in that a driver could follow a single road from coast to coast bearing the same designation.

where routes 25 and 70 meet

Much of today's U. Shield for US 70 in California.

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Directional colored shields found on US 70 in Arizona during the s. When originally commissioned inU. Route 70 ran between Beaufort, North Carolina [14] and U. Route 66 in Holbrook, Arizona.

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The re-routing temporarily removed US 70 entirely from Arizona. The old route to Holbrook was replaced by U. Route 60 and U. Route 99 around Mecca.