Will and jem relationship

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will and jem relationship

On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks. Veronica said: Am i the only one who feels like tessa and jem's relationship was Whereas, for Will, before he matured, his relationship with Tessa was that of. Aug Is it weird that I love will and jem's relationship more than will and tessa's or jem and tessa's #TID.

They wouldn't just die for one another. They are willing to live, love, and sacrifice that which they hold most dear for the other. When we first meet Will Herondale in Clockwork Angel he does his level best to push away everyone he might come to care about. He does this because he believes himself to be under curse, placed on him by a demon.

Will believes that this curse will kill anyone that loves him, so he tries to make the people around him hate him to save them.

The only person he doesn't push away is his Parabatai Jem Carstairs. Will thinks that since Jem is already dying because of the demon drug Yin Fen that it doesn't matter that he love him. Jem is the one person that Will feels like he can openly care about.

And Jem seems to be the only one in the London Institute that can see through Will's mask. He sees the real Will, the one that cares too deeply for others even when he pushes them away. We see the kind and tender side of Will when he is with Jem. Will is willing to do anything to take care of his Parabatai and to see that he is by his side for as long as possible.

Jem sends Will out to purchase that drug that is not only keeping Jem alive but is also inch by inch killing him. Jem believes that the money he gives Will to procure the Yin Fen is enough, but we the reader sees that Will is using his own money to purchase the drug at an ever increasing price.

will and jem relationship

Some people say that they are willing to walk through fire for those they love, but Will is literally willing to do so for Jem. In the third book, Clockwork Princess, we see Will thrusting his hands into a fire to save the Yin Fen drug that Jem was trying to throw away.

Jem through the drug into the fire to show that he cared more about what happened to Tessa than to himself, not realizing that Will in his love for his Parabatai would do whatever it took to retrieve that which was keeping Jem alive. In most teen novels there is in one form or another a love triangle.

I won't go into too much detail here, because I could easily spend an entire blog talking about the relationship between Will, Tessa, and Jem. One of the only true love triangles that you will likely ever find. But for this post here, we see that both Jem and Will fall deeply in love with Tessa Grey throughout the Infernal Devices trilogy. And Tessa as well appears to have fallen with each of the boys in turn. Upon first reading the reader might think that this triangle will cause drama is discord among our two heroes, Will and Jem.

will and jem relationship

Yet, that is not at all what we see here between these two. Yes, they are both in love with Tessa, but their heartfelt and platonic love for each other lets them see past what would cause derision amongst most. At the end of the second book, Clockwork Prince, once Will realizes that the curse he has always believed upon him was nothing more than a lie told by a demon he immediately runs off to profess his love to Tessa.

But she somehow let Jem in, and felt safe and secure. It is a true accomplishment after everything that happened. Since the night she saw him playing the violin, she immediately opened herself up to him, and he was always there for her. He has not let her down. They consider each other beautiful and brave. Tessa believes Jem is nothing but goodness. When they were fooling around in the DSBS, Jem feels insecure about his body, as he is not as big as some of the other Shadowhunters.

She truly does believe and know it.


When Tessa was mad at the Shadowhunters- and called them awful things, may I add- Jem still went to find her. He was not even mad. And even if he was, he forgave her instantly. He took her to his favorite spot, and made Tessa laugh. Not only that, he truly helped her and gave her really great advise. And then the clockwork creatures attacked.

will and jem relationship

Cassandra Clare really knows how to ruin a moment. And we love her for that. Tessa had never faced the clockwork creatures before. When he started to cough up blood, Tessa felt instantly responsible, even though in no way was it her fault. Then, Jem even told Tessa about his illness, which he never had to do.

It was not her business, and she could have lived happily not knowing.

will and jem relationship

Their loyalty towards each other only grows stronger as the books continue. Another reason Jessa deserves to be endgame is that Jem is dying. Wow Molly, way to soften it up. Now, this can go one of two ways for my argument. But he just wants to be with the girl of his dreams as long as he can. Is that a crime? Yes, even if she marries Will.

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You are twelve years old. Your parents have just been murdered. You were tortured nearly to death. You have had weeks of experiments done on you.

will and jem relationship

The only thing keeping you alive is the thing slowly killing you. Your looks will fade, and you wonder if your parents would even recognize you now. You have nothing, even as you are shipped off to London, a continent away.

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You are considered weak by others, spineless, and you know you will never amount to as much as anyone else. After five long, painful years you have tried to make the most of, and in some cases succeeded, you meet the person of your dreams.

The second you see her- or him- you fall madly in love. And then, you realize that she actually does. And she does love him. She needs both boys in different ways.