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Nov 16, Yoh always thought that he didn't mind Anna's cruelness, but discovers that he has a mental sickness that could put their relationship to the test. How about when Yoh who realizes that the only way to save Tokagero's soul, where we find out that Yoh and the others all took a kind of Secret Test of Character. It's a small moment, but it definitely hints that Anna and Yoh's relationship. Lets do a small test to show how well you know about Shaman King Anna, the fiancee, gives something to support Yoh in the tournament. The relationship between Amidamaru and Mosuke is similar to the relationship between Yoh and .

Will love bloom between them? They all want to have pretty calm lives here in Tokyo at least for this fanfic they will Anna finds out shes two months pregnant! How will Yoh react to the new family member? Last Night by Melpomene the Muse reviews Wherein one thing inevitably leads to another. Who knew guardian ghosts could be so modest? T - English - Romance - Chapters: Tell me if you want a sequel to it, ok? Vengeful clans, religious machinations, imperial conspiracies The hidden truth about their world is at stake, and Yoh's past is in the details He then decides to pay a visit to his grandfather to try and break off their engagement but he ends up realizing that there's more to Anna than the cold itako.

One Week by Jenituls reviews Anna's been struck with a sickness and doesn't have much time left. And how does she spend her last days? Telling Yoh everything she's always wanted to. But how can she when he has a new wife, kids, and a new life? The Divinity by koogle reviews Anna's been gone for 5 years. When she returned, Yoh reluctantly breaks off their engagement. Hurt, Anna left again. But what happened to Anna in those 5 years she's been gone?

Why did she suddenly have all these new abilities?

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How's Yoh going to take it? He has not done anything that proves he is a shaman except the fact he is able to see spirits. Senjiryakttsu through Anna's power. It is called the Spirit of Sword, the Asakura family treasure. It was later in the comics that they revealed that Yoh learnt the Chou. Bill Anime scenes Of course, in the anime, alot and I mean alot of scenes was not played from the comics. They had to cut it off short and so far, the anime only showed up to about book 18 book 19 is the story of matamune before they showed Hao taking action and the final fight takes place at the Hoshi No Senchi The sacred land of the stars where the Great Spirits roams.

In the anime, they showed Ren's death can i put it this way? However, in the comics, Ren really did die and Yoh was well informed of it. He was very calm; like he knew everything would take place right from the start. He asked Manta to invite Jeanne of the X-laws She had the power to revive the dead to come over.

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However, her condition for that was that Yoh backs off from the shaman fight. She knew that Yoh was Hao's half and she couldnt risk it having Yoh around anymore.

Yoh knew very well that she would ask him to back off and he did so willingly Marco couldnt really believe that. Ren was then revived and his furyoku increased once more he felt really grateful to Yoh. Anna saw Yoh's oracle ball on the ground and she softly held it, telling herself that she was too late and then she thought back the time when they first met matamune's story. Next, in the anime, Horohoro met Yoh before they even fought in the second test of the shaman fight.

She became able to know the unspoken. Those cruel, horrid thoughts scared her, scarred her to no end, and made her miserable. And that misery took form. She was a block of ice, afraid of the world, afraid of the darkness, afraid of herself.

It was just so weird and wrong, she had to make him realize how dreadful the world was. But, what do you know, he already knew.

He was also hurting. But he still smiled. In fact, now that I think about it, the choosing of the Spirit of Earth was a perfect fit for Yoh. And the use he made of it was even better: He attracts everyone, and provides them of solid ground — despite that airy head of his. Yoh saved her by showing her there was something to believe in, showing her that it was good to be different, that it was good to be strong, that she could be strong with him, that she could be herself around him, that he cared about her, that he would always help her, that he would give it all for her because she was worth it.

She was worth everything. Yoh saved her by showing her love. Even if you take it as a friendly love, or just someone caring for someone else, and for whatever reason, be it because they shared the same pain of rejection and fear, be it because he felt she needed his help, be it because they just felt like it.

They loved each other in that crucial moment, and their loved saved them both. By showing her love, she gave birth to love, as well — and, that way, he saved her, and she saved herself, too. Despite their relationship starting way too roughly and sudden, it grew and blossomed until they both realized they had fallen for each other which happened the same rough, sudden way, and that seems to be a trend with both of them, I mean, Hana.