Yudhisthira and draupadi relationship

Sarala Mahabharat: YUDHISTHIRA

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship

“I'm sure you have been anxiously awaiting the story of Draupadi and her five husbands. The Pandavas were raised by their blind uncle, King Dhritarashtra, who . manages to maintain some authority in all of her relationships with them. Draupadi is shocked to hear those words, because as a custom, the Pandavas will now have to obey her word which means Draupadi had to marry not just. Little wonder then Draupadi is one of the most popular and Thus all the Pandavas have other wives but these wives stay with their parents.

Arjun disturbed Yudhisthir and Draupadi. Arjun had to retrieve his weapons from the armory, in order to help a poor Brahmin whose cows had been stolen by thieves. As a result, Arjun had to depart on his 12 exile. During these 12 years, Arjun meets Indra Dev, gets cursed by Urvashi, learns lot of new skills from multiple teachers, marries Subadhra, followed by Chitrangada, etc.

Among all of her husbands, Bhim was the only one who loved Draupadi the most. He always fulfilled all her desires and could not bear seeing her hurt. He even cried when he learnt that his wife would have to serve as a Sairandhri servant to Queen Sudeshna of Matsya.

He was the one who killed Kauravas to avenge the insult to Draupadi.

Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna and Draupadi

Draupadi also ran to Bhim when she was molested by Keechak in Matsya Kingdom. She was prone to outbursts of rage, and made unreasonable, unwise demands. Though a savage monster with others, Bhim was always tender with Draupadi. Nakul and Sahadev were more loyal to Yudhisthir than anyone else was.

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship

They always followed him everywhere and did exactly as he asked. They could have gone and ruled over Madradesh their birthright through Madriand lived a life of luxury and ease, but they stuck with their brother through thick and thin. He should get out of her bed, and pray to her not to put the Pandavas and Krishna to her sword.

Things happened exactly as Krishna had said. As Draupadi offered him a boon, Bhima did exactly as he was advised by Krishna. It is possible that Draupadi did not explicitly mention Krishna as a mark of respect for the avataara. In any case, when Krishna heard all this, he started sweating.

Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna and Draupadi | Mahavidya

Draupadi was not an ordinary mortal that day; as Krishna knew; she was the goddess of destruction and death. She did not explain why she would spare Yudhisthira — gods and goddesses did not often care to give humans reasons for their actions. In the end, barring Yudhisthira, the Pandava brothers and Krishna along with his clan succumbed to death. In fact all of them died violent deaths, barring Balarama, who sat in meditation, and gave up his mortal form.

The Pandava brothers, worn out by fatigue and age, could not withstand the hostile nature as they were climbing up the Himalayas. Krishna was hit by an arrow and succumbed to the wound. But the one who Krishna paid obeisance to, lived a lonely life, by all accounts.

As a child he displeased his mother on account of his compassionate nature, which she thought was grossly inappropriate for the future ruler. They were impatient and even scornful of his generosity towards the Kauravas.

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship

Duryodhana sometimes mistook his generosity as his weakness. In the Kurukshetra battlefield, before the start of the war, Yudhisthira walked alone and weaponless to the Kaurava side of the battlefield, and Duryodhana thought that Yudhisthira was frightened at the sight of the Kaurava army, and was coming to seek peace.

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He, however, was going to meet the Kaurava elders and seek their blessings for victory in the war. He went to Duryodhana and pleaded with him for just one village for the Pandavas. The fate of his pleading needs no mention. Yudhisthira was deeply distressed when Bhima abused and kicked Duryodhana after mortally wounding him in the battle. He went to him, spoke to him as indulgently as an elder brother would to an erring younger brother, and declared that he would give the kingdom to him and retire to the forest.

Bhima laughed at him. Soon when the time came, he was completely unwilling to become the king.

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship

He considered himself responsible for the death of the great Kaurava elders, his cousins and other relatives, among many others. He grieved deeply, and he felt utterly miserable. When he said that he wanted to leave the kingdom in the hands of his brothers and retire to the forest, he knew that his brothers were not with him. That indeed was the first time he said that he would go to the forest alone.

His brothers responded by saying unkind words to him. He probably had never been as lonely as then, as though time comes when one committed to dharma finds himself utterly lonely.

yudhisthira and draupadi relationship

Whenever they met, Krishna paid his obeisance to him, and never said a single word about him that would even remotely suggest lack of reverence. But Krishna wanted war, and through his unreasonable, in fact impossible, demands of which Yudhisthira knew nothing, he ensured that war took place. It would appear to be a cynical act of betrayal, looking at it from the worldly perspective. It was, however, quite different from point of view of divine purpose, but we need not dwell on it here.