Yuvraj singh and dhoni relationship quotes

A look at the Yuvraj Singh-MS Dhoni relationship over the years

yuvraj singh and dhoni relationship quotes

This article is about famous quotes by various cricketers on Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Interesting cricket quotes from Sachin Microsite Cricket. not surprised by Harbhajan Singh's claims that Shoaib Akhtar beat him and Yuvraj Singh up in a hotel. IN BRIEF: This post is dedicated to Cricketing sensation Yuvraj Singh's battle with Cancer, and his determination Yuvraj and Dhoni formed a formidable pair.

A number of matches were won by him single-handedly. Yuvraj and Dhoni formed a formidable pair. Yuvraj started his career in International cricket in and in no time became the star of Indian Cricket team, not only Cricket lovers but whole India knew him, he was never less than any film star.

After the world cup, a scan for chest cavity revealed a tumour but like any of us he could not believe it and more than that he ignored it as for him cancer meant leaving cricket, therefore, he kept playing matches, it was only in January when the further tests revealed that tumour was malignant — a germ cell cancer called a mediastinal seminoma was diagnosed, it was located in between his heart and his left lung and it grew about 14 centimetres like a ball over his chest which was a concern.

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And then came the time to face the fears and he chose to face them in S for chemotherapy, his chemotherapy started in February and ended in March. Along with this treatment he also took Ayurveda treatment and went for rehabilitation in May, the same year.

yuvraj singh and dhoni relationship quotes

Kohli may be calling the shots now but his reverence for Dhoni is there to be seen. Obviously, I go by my instincts but whenever I ask him anything 8 or 9 out of 10 times what he says, works.

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Our friendship has only grown over the years," Kohli said. For those who were sceptical about how easy the transition would be, Kohli lauded Dhoni for making it smooth.

Yuvraj Singh sends a special birthday message to MS Dhoni

No one on the field players felt that there has been a change. Everything is happening smoothly and I am happy that he is there by my side during my initial years of captaincy.

yuvraj singh and dhoni relationship quotes

I am lucky to have him. While running between the wickets, if he says two, I just close my eyes and run because I know that his judgement is so correct, I will make it. He doesn't know even five words of any of those english songs. Never fear the hate you will get from taking tough decisions The Indian cricket team was going through a changing phase and senior players were considered 'slow' compared to the young players of other teams.

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Dhoni knew if he wanted to win the World Cup he needed a young team. He went ahead and put forth his thoughts in front of the selection committee. Everyone hated him at first, but, it all worked out for the best.

Make sure you always have a hobby Whenever Dhoni needed to unwind, he used to spend his time at the garage, modifying his bike, going on rides and buying new ones too.

yuvraj singh and dhoni relationship quotes

Having a hobby helped him cope up with the troubles of his professional life. Don't let go of your loyal friends, they are everything you need MSD had talent, but, talent alone wasn't able to take him to the pinnacle.

The support of his loved ones was almost indispensable. Cricket was something for which his friends supported him more than his family ever could.

He was also always there for them and didn't forget them even after becoming a star. Always keep improvising India was chasing a big target in the World Cup final and after losing a few wickets in quick succession, there was a bit of panic in the dressing room.

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