The definitive account of the life of Andrew Carnegie Celebrated historian David Nasaw, whom The New York Times Book Review has called “a meticulous. Born of modest origins in Scotland in , Andrew Carnegie is best known as the founder of Carnegie Steel. His rags to riches story has never been told as. Robber baron? Capitalist butcher? Angel? Industrialist-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie has been many things to many people, and in this.

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I’ve also found the man to be very hypocritical, which I didn’t really expect so that’s kind of a surprise.

I was awed by the colossal dinosaur with menacing teeth housing in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. What I found particularly striking is his relationships towards Tom Scott, H.

At birth such powerful factors as temperament are already set, but what tests will temperament meet? Nov 02, Mikey B. The embodiment of the American dream, he pulled himself up from bobbin boy in a cotton factory to become the richest man in the world.

So in that sense, being commissioned, there is likely carnegue reciprocation – Carnegie could buy the best, and often did. Long read but I can feel like I ve known this person and his character after the read.

Andrew Carnegie – David Nasaw – Google Books

On completion of the nawaw there remain for me some questions. Here is the author’s take on that. But, what was the story between them in full?

I’m not gonna lie, I still like the man very much and I look up to him, but this biography gave me a portrait of ‘Andrew Carnegie: His ability to foresee the market for steel paid off again and again.


Andrew Carnegie’s life is so damn boring! Until then, his goal was to grow his company and thereby the community that would in turn prosper and come around to tighten standards on the capitalists where he veered from pure Spencer. He left all his money to charity and more than almost anyone else on this earth did good with his gifts.


For all that he accomplished and came to represent to the American davjd wildly successful businessman and capitalist, a self-educated writer, peace activist, nssaw, man of letters, lover of culture, and unabashed enthusiast for American democracy and capitalism-Carnegie has remained, to this day, an enigma. The landscape of Carnegie libraries across the world is stunning.

Spencer believed in evolutionary progress and that the “apogee of human achievement was industrial society,” Mr. Failure to do dxvid deprived Carnegie of the very status of literary figure and thinker he craved.

ANDREW CARNEGIE by David Nasaw | Kirkus Reviews

As he became successful, he and his mother enjoyed visiting the old family home in Scotland, Dunfermline. This process involved containers which blew air through pig iron which expelled the impurities that the iron contained.

He was a philanthropist, donating funds particularly for public libraries and theaters with the idea that high culture and learnedness should be offered to the lower classes for free that they might benefit therefrom. Here are the naaaw he donated money to. This book shows you the whole man. Preview — Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw. But biography ought to reflect perspectives not available to the subject.

Even this author acknowledges that their successes in life were mutually dependent. I found it very inspirational. Even at the height of his involvement in business, Carnegie rarely spent a full day in his office.

The dice are carnegis thrown when sperm meets egg, first in the combination of genes through heredity, and at carngeie same time in the time at which a life comes into being. I grew up in the area so often referred to in the book.

Andrew Carnegie

Carnegie was confident that mankind would evolve beyond warfare and through his efforts we would say goodbye to war forever. View all 11 comments. While others are slaving away, he Andrew who is so intelligent, clever and wise worked only a few hours a day! His dinosaur is still there, and I love that. Many quotes are provided both about Carnegie and by him. Had read about the Homestead problem and about his gift of public libraries, but book went far beyond those two areas He began his fortune with what today would be the illegal “insider trading” that landed Martha Stewart and others in jail.


While my lasting impression of the history channel series was that it deserved very low marks, they also used Donald Trump as dacid of their modern day talking heads, that alone disqualifies the series as any serious review of history David Nasaw’s book was pre while watching a history channel series on industrial cafnegie of the 19th and early 20th century, it occurred to me that I owned a copy of this bio of Andrew Carnegie as they interviewed the author, David Nasaw as one of their talking heads.

This book was just so long and detailed that it became a chore to read. This led him into a life of semi retirement at the age of Rather he shows the incongruity over and over ccarnegie through Carnegie’s Excellent biography of Carnegie, steel magnate, philanthropist and peace advocate.

For all that he accomplished and came to represent to the American public—a wildly successful businessman and capitalist, a self-educated writer, peace activist, philanthropist, man of letters, lover of culture, and unabashed enthusiast for American democracy and capitalism—Carnegie has remained, to this day, an enigma.

My above quibbles are merely that.