Malabar Catmint is a shrubby herb, m tall. Stems are tetragonous, densely villous or woolly. Leaves are ovate to oblong, cm x Range. E. Asia – south India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea to northern Australia. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Anisomeles Malabarica. List of various diseases cured by Anisomeles Malabarica. How Anisomeles Malabarica .

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Harvest a number of distinct colonies from the fresh grown plate culture to suspend in a tube containing broth until turbidity visually corresponding to 1. General description of the sites where the species is found ecosystem, forest, environment or microhabitat. Leaves ovate-lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, 3.

Stars of the month. NIL Source of Support: Pathology, 45, anisomeled, The present study was carried out to evaluate phytochemical screening, characterization and In-vitro antibacterial activity of Anisomeles malabarica roots.

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Then made a lawn culture on Muller — Hinton Agar media.

India Biodiversity Portal

Related article at PubmedScholar Google. The whole plant, especially the leaves and roots are used in medicinal preparations.


Natural History Natural History Cyclicity. Pollination by birds about which there was an article in Jbnhs by some one from Vizag 2 decades back. The chemical group tests were performed, and the results are aniomeles in table.

Kannur, Kollam, Palakkad Tamil Nadu: Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language.

The hexane and methanol extracts exhibit a positive antibacterial activity which produced 6 mm and 5. Malabarica malabarida extracts contain a number of pharmaceutically important phytochemical constituents like alkaloids, saponins, carbohydrates, tannins, flavonoids and amino acid. Fruit A small nutlet, basilar. Comprising its size, shape, texture and orientation.

Discs must not be relocated once they have made contact with the agar surface. Plates should be incubated as soon as possible after the application of the discs. I believe that these two show Ornithophily?

Anisomeles Malabarica Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification. Incubate the plates under optimal incubation conditions. It can be concluded that the extracts of A. Malabarica possess significantly good antibacterial activity. Palakkad, Kannur, Kollam, Wayanad.

Anisomeles malabarica Images – Useful Tropical Plants

The spectroscopy can also be usefully contributed to structural elucidation when new compounds are encountered in plants. Role of eFI in Sc. The gram —ve pathogens A. These results suggest the presence of primary bioactive metabolite that acts as the precursors for the synthesis of secondary metabolites.


Results and Discussion The present study has been carried out to evaluate the plant of A. Can it be Anisomeles malabarica? Tinctoria leaf in different solvents, All Published work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Leaves ovate-lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, 3.

Can’t read the image? Acknowledgement The authors are very much thankful to Dr. The Phytochemical screening for the plant extract was carried out using standard chemical procedure [14].

Anisomeles malabarica Images

Does not include altitudinal distribution, which is covered under Habitat. The sharp peak at cm-1 and cm-1 is assigned to C-O that indicates that alcohols and ethers carboxylic acids and esters. It is clearly indicated from the table that the other phyto-constituents like phenols, terpenoids and glycosides were absent in all the three solvent extracts.

Related observations Show all. The present study has been carried out to evaluate the plant of A.

Found along the forest paths, fallows and scrub jungles from plains to m.