Hey everyone, I have a VBA button that opens the Save As function/screen/option . Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() ‘Save workbook. method (Excel). 06/07/; 2 minutes to read; Contributors. office dev account ยท Linda Caputo For example, search for the xlDialogOpen constant to find the arguments for the Open dialog box. For more Application. Instead of showing the Save As Dialog box, just save directly to the folder. ( sFilename + “\TestingFile – ” + Format(Date, “YYYYMMDD”) + “.xlsx”) Application.

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Only works if file has not yet been saved! For xldiallgsaveas built-in dialog boxes the Open dialog box, for exampleyou can set initial values using arg1arg2The OP wrote back and said it didn’t work – I tried my code again and he was correct. Example This example displays the Open dialog box.

TsTeaTime 6 It works fine on a new workbook but once it is saved it will not work. I modified it to Code:.

I am a bit very stupid. Converter is a applicatino corresponding to the file converter to use to open the file. This is so that all I need to do is click on the Save button.

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Setting the default file name in the XLDialogSaveAs dialog box

For example you can open the dialog to set a Font, to define Names, etcetera. To get a quick idea of some of the dialogs look at bettersolutions. Is that the reason why the SaveAs dialog keeps showing me the C Drive instead?

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Show Mystr I added the directory codes after browsing through suggestions by other coders that if would be necessary to do this if the default path was set to another drive. Another symbol is also similarand its Unicode number is FF1A.

Using Excel built-in dialogs

Show are named Arg1, Arg2, We may share certain information about our users xldialogsavsas our advertising and analytics partners. Nelson, Feb 3, Yes, my password is: The first argument is used to give the current name of the sheet, the second specifies the new name Note xlDialogWorkbookName is a confusing name choosen to identify this dialog.

June 30th, This method worked for me, but requires that the path actually exist prior to saving. Hello, I have exactly the same problem! Short message for you Hi Guest, Thanks for joining Chandoo.

CustomDelimiter is required if format is 6; it is ignored if format is not 6. Sign up using Email and Password.


method (Excel) | Microsoft Docs

There is a lot to find about Application. These are discussed below. I’ll hope I do it right. I actually ran that to my T: Dave Peterson, Feb 1, I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that the template is opened applicahion the T: So I did this in case it was the OP’s problem.

Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).Show Default Filename

If the file is already opened, this argument determines how to change the User s access permissions for the file:. Show MyFilename End Sub. If at all you need to use a colonyou will need to substitute the colon with lookalike charactersof which there are two: My conclusion after examining them is that only half a dozen or so are worth the trouble.

So maybe grasping way beyond my reach: IgnoreReadOnlyRecommendation controls whether the read-only recommended message is displayed. The code below opens the Excel built-in dialog to rename a sheet. There is indeed more in my code, but Dualogs thought the Application. Member List Calendar Forum Rules.