There are many topology rules you can implement in your geodatabase, depending on the spatial relationships that are most important for your. Errors in GIS data mean any information or decisions based on that data are flawed. Geodatabase topology provides an automated, rule-based solution to. Topology in ESRI® ArcGIS® allows you to model spatial relationships between feature model. Topology errors are violations of the rules that you can easily.

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This is useful when the point features help support the boundary system, such as boundary markers, which must be found on the edges of certain areas. This fix srcgis be applied to one selected Must Not Overlap With error only.

Requires that lines not overlap with lines in geodarabase same feature class or subtype. Requires that boundaries of polygon features in one feature class or subtype be covered by boundaries of polygon features in another feature class or subtype.

Any area defined in the contained feature class must be covered by an area in the covering feature class. This fix can be applied to one or more selected Must Cover Each Other errors. Requires that polygons of one feature class or subtype must be contained within polygons of another feature class or subtype.

An area in the first feature class that is not covered by polygons from the other feature class is an error.

For example, soil polygons cannot include gaps or form voids—they must cover an entire area. Note that the ring that forms the outer bounds of your feature class will be in error. Must Be Single Part.


Boundary corner markers might be constrained to be covered by the endpoints of boundary lines. This fix can be applied to one or more Must Be Properly Inside errors.

ArcGIS Desktop Help – Topology rules

Requires that a line geodxtabase one feature class or subtype not overlap with line features in another feature class or subtype.

The Delete fix removes point features that are not properly within polygon features. If no point feature is found within the tolerance specified, the point will not be snapped.

The squares are points that are not covered by the line. If no feature is found within the distance specified, the feature will not be trimmed, nor will it be deleted if the distance is greater than the length of the feature in error.

This rule is used where line features must form closed loops, such as when they define the boundaries of polygons or when line features logically must connect to two other line features at each end, as with segments in a stream network, with exceptions being marked for the originating ends of first-order streams.

Feedback on this topic? The Merge fix adds the srcgis of overlap from one feature and subtracts it from the others that are violating the rule. The polygons can share edges or vertices. This could be used, for example, to require street features to be connected to other street features at both ends, except in the case of streets belonging to the cul-de-sac or dead-end subtypes.

Requires that lines have only one part. Requires that a line in one feature class or subtype must only touch other lines of another feature class or subtype at endpoints. This is useful when polygon features in one feature class, such as subdivisions, are composed of multiple polygons in another class, such as parcels, and the shared boundaries arccgis be aligned.


Where a red point is not coincident with a blue point is an error. Lines can share endpoints. You can either ignore this error or mark it as an exception. If the distance value is 0, lines will be trimmed back until they find a point of intersection. It does not constrain the covering portion of the line to be an endpoint. The Create Feature fix creates a new line feature from the boundary segments of the polygon feature generating the error.

Any zrcgis defined in either feature class that is not shared with the other is an error.

Geodatabase topology rules and topology error fixes

Lines that connect to srcgis other line or to themselves are said to have pseudo nodes. Requires that points in one feature class must be covered by the endpoints of lines in another feature class. Lines can cross or intersect but cannot share segments. The Delete fix removes polygon features that would collapse during the validate process based on the topology’s cluster tolerance. Requires that the interior of polygons not overlap.

Endpoint Must Be Covered By. Ruules Create Feature fix adds a new point feature at the endpoint of the line feature that is in error. Point errors are created where points do not touch the boundaries of polygons.

This is usually when the areas have one set of attributes and gekdatabase boundaries have other attributes.