Arun Kolatkar () was one of India’s greatest modern poets. He wrote prolifically, in both Marathi and English, publishing in magazines and anthologies . Arun Kolatkar’s epic poem, Jejuri, celebrates life in an Indian city – from its streets to its shrines. Amit Chaudhuri on the poet who deserves to be. A sequence of stunningly simple but haunting poems, Jejuri is one of the great books of Jejuri is a site of pilgramage in author Arun Kolatkar’s.

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After his death, a new edition of the hard to obtain Jejuri was published in the New York Review Books Classics series oolatkar an introduction by Amit Chaudhuri She says she will take you to the horseshoe shrine.

Any reader of Midnight’s Childrenand of its tribe of fictional children, should get to know Kolatkar too’ – Boyd Tonkin, Independent.

Its been there for some years now. I made do for some years with pieces from Mehrotra, and also from Nandy’s viral anthology, strangertime and eventually, I picked up the NYRB re-issue with the Amit Chaudhuri introwhich was well worth it.

Arun Kolatkar | Bloodaxe Books

And so some of his own “Marathi” poems of the 50s and 60s are written in the Bombay poe,s of the migrant working classes and the underworld, part Hindi, part Marathi, which the Hindi film industry would make proper use of only decades later. Retrieved 26 August My poems 21 Titles list. Bombay in the 60s gave him these languages and also the transition between these worlds, the movement from street to library to cinema hall.

When Jejuri was published inI was Famous poets 24 Maya Angelou. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Although situated in a religious setting, they are not religious; inan interviewer asked him if he believed in God, and Kolatkar said: Arun Kolatkar was born in in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Mirjam Tuominen – Short Prose.

The Butterfly – Poem by Arun Kolatkar

His well-known prickliness about contracts came not so much, I think, from a feeling of neglect, as from a sense of allegiance to a sub-culture that had, by now, largely disappeared. All this seems very far away from Jejuri, both the place and the book. While the answer is part rebuff, the list is indicative of the wide, fragmented sources he may have mined, and is worth quoting in full:.


Arun Kolatkar Collected Poems in English. These were as much translation as occasionally tough-guy reworkings of some of the songs; an unsettling form of ventriloquising. School of Art alumni 20th-century Indian poets Poets from Maharashtra 20th-century Indian male writers. A version of the poem A low temple [15] was published soon in a little magazine called Dionysiusbut both the original manuscript and this magazine were lost. Jejuri appears to him a mixture of temples in disrepair, unreliable priests, and legends and religious practices of dubious provenance.

About Jejuri A sequence of aruh simple but haunting poems, Jejuri is one of the great ,olatkar of modern India. School of Arthe was also a noted graphics designer, with many awards for his work. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

I am reminded that, although it’s about a journey to a remote for many pilgrimage town in Maharashtra, it’s less about the transformations of the journey than about a man who never left the city, or a cosmopolitan, modernist idea of the metropolis; that his journey, and his sense of travelling and of wonder, brought him back to pomes he was – and where he was is metropolitan, shabby, and dislocating.

You can never quite prejudge how he will view the odd, improverished particularities of the topsy-turvy world that he studies with such care and irreverent fondness’ – Michael Glover, The Tablet. Arun Kolatkar was born in the town of Kolhapur in the western Indian state of Maharashtra and attended the JJ School of Art in Bombay, the city in which he was to pursue a long and successful career as… More about Arun Kolatkar. Shetland poetry workshop with Jen Hadfield.

For a moment the length of a matchstick gesture after gesture revives and dies. In contrast, KGP explores the urban setting of Bombay, occasionally using historical vignettes. Still Life with a Hundred Crucifixions. He told the poet Eunice de Souza that he discovered Jejuri in “a book on temples and legends of Maharashtra In the larger, unfolding story of the independent nation, writing poetry in English was kklatkar minor, marginal, and occasionally controversial activity.

The friends he met up with there were from the intermittently overlapping spheres of art and commerce, poets and friends from the advertising world in which, for many years, he’d made his living; but it was the low-lifes, the obscure daily-wage-earners, and the itinerant families of Kala Ghoda that he looked upon from the open window of the inn, and whom he’d been writing about for 20 years.


Stay in Touch Sign up. And the hills aarun. It was clear that the poems were constructed with the same jaundiced eye that informs Jejuri – a similar disinterested view of events and juxtapositions, with the mythical elements replaced by the historical.

Arun Kolatkar – Wikipedia

Had they done so, our view of Indian writing in English would be a different, a more heterogeneous and unexpected one than it has been in the last 25 years. Archived from the original on 26 October Younger writers haven’t looked at the possibilities of this lineage, with its idiosyncratic delight in the freedom to withhold, assign, and create meaning, its consignment of history to the scrap-yard, and its bringing of the scrap-yard into history, closely enough.

Poetry blogs and websites. Aruh bewilderingly heterogeneous megapolis is envisioned in various oblique and whimsical perspectives of an underdog. David Troupes on Poetry, Comics and Time. This first Collected Poems in English brings together work from all those volumes.

His early Marathi poetry was radically experimental and displayed the influences of European avant-garde trends like surrealism, expressionism and Beat generation poetry. He spent several years trying to make a living before turning to work as an art director and graphic designer for several advertising agencies in Bombay, achieving great success in this field. An Old Woman An old woman grabs hold of your sleeve and tags along. One reason was that the poem, like its author, resisted xrun pigeonholed into quasi-religious categories; in response to an interviewer asking him, inif he believed in God, Kolatkar had said: Sarpa Satra is an ‘English version’ of a poem with a similar name in Bhijki Vahi.

It seemed an interesting place.