ASSERTIO SEPTEM SACRAMENTOKUM u Hssettio Septem Sacramentorum OR DEFENCE OF THE SEVEN SACRAMENTS BY U)n 1., Iking of Jn0lanfc. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Assertio Septem SacramentorumOr the Defence of the Seven Sacramentsby. Henry VIII. Assertio Septem Sacramentorum. Or the Defence of the Seven.

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Authorship of the “Assertio” 61 he ought himself to know whether he wrote it ; and as he was a man who laid down his life for the truth, it is to be further supposed that we may believe him when he denies emphatically that he is the author.

Rex ipse non indoctus, turn ingenio acerrimo, palam tuetur bonas literas, rabu- lis omnibus silentium indixit.

For, if he who endeavours to move a schism in any one thing is to be extirpated with all care, with what great endeavour is he to be rooted out who not only goes about to sow dissension, but to stir up the people against the chief Bishop, children against their parents, Christians against the Vicar of Christ. Authorship of the “Assertio” 69 daque Lutherana factione, et Luthero ipso epistola; cum Georgii, Saxonise ducis, ad eundem rescriptione ; Argentorati, in 4to. Assertuo of the Christian Church.

They are the chief weapons by which he intends to destroy this sacrament. First he will not have the epistle to have been writ by the Apostle. Nor do I see in what else he could, with more Glory and Applause, have employed this Treasure of Knowl edge ; a Talent, doubtless, given him by God himself for this very End.

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Libellus regius adversus Martinum Lutherum haeresiarchon. Constitutional History of England. Du Pin, in his “Ecclesiastical History,” says 4 “Several divines thought it an honour to defend the King of England, by confuting Luther s book, which he wrote against him.

It was dedicated to Pope Leo Xwho rewarded Henry with the title Fidei Defensor Defender of the Faith in October a title revoked following the king’s break with the Catholic Church in the s, but re-awarded to his heir by the English Parliament. And yet it was only a few years before that Henry had written this book, for which Pope Leo X. But indeed he did not look on it; who, when dreading Punishment which he well deserved fled, with a Mischief, into his perpetual lurk ing Holes in Bohemia, the Mother and Nurse of his Heresies.


I confess the Desire of Glory might have been able to have induced him to these Things ; that as he, who, under the Charge of the best Tutors, and a Father none of the most indulgent, having passed his younger Days in good Learning, and afterwards so sacramfntorum versed in Holy Scrip- The Oration of Mr. Be the first to ask a question about Assertio septem sacramentorkm or, Defence of the seven sacraments.

Quod si qua in parte fuisset adjutus in eo libro, nihil erat opus meis auxiliis, quum aulam habeat eruditis- simis pariter ac eloquentissimis viris differtam. In this same “Advertisement,” pagenote athe writer refers xssertio the “Historical Account of the Eeformation from Fleury s Ecclesiastical History printed in Corke Henry will keep a title which he ought to have dropped, and will grant to his descendants a distinction which neither he nor his Parliament had any right to bestow.

His example belied his pen. Let Your defence of the Spouse of Christ here on earth remind You of, and prepare You for, an eternal reward hereafter. It must be admitted that Henry was very probably helped, that he has many quotations from the Bible and the Fathers, that it seems likely that Sacramentkrum as sorted, and not improbably made the index to the “As- sertio.

Henry s Letter to Leo christiani officii suique splendoris meminisse, pestifer- umque hunc hominem, una cuin f acinorosis hsereticisque libellis, postquam ad Deum ainplius redire spernit, radicitus vellent extirpare, studiose rogavimus.

Porro, confido fore ut hoc pulcherrimum planeque ra- rissimum exemplar multos principes provocet ad semula- tionem.

John Clarke, the presenter and King s ambassador, in his Consistory, and in the pres ence of his Cardinals, sufficiently doth show, the trans lation whereof we have inserted as we find it in the Originall it selfe. The execution of ascramentorum Duke of Buckingham at this time by Henry is attributed by Seebohm to Buckingham s having spoken of the invalidity of Henry s marriage with Catharine.


Let Henry en joy his meed of praise without any participation in it. If Luther objects to the change from the primitive way of giving Communion, he should object also to children not receiving at srptem, and to our receiving in the morning instead of after supper.

Many wonder how a prince so much occupied was led to at tempt a work that demanded all the energies of a veteran man of letters ; but having already defended the Church with his sacrramentorum, Henry felt it needful to do so with his pen, now that she is in much greater danger. But asaertio the matter of the treatise, the period also when it was composed a most interesting, even if sad dening, epoch in the history of the Church makes the work most valuable. John 1, Apocalypse 1.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. His aged mother had been insulted, and there fore, as an affectionate son, he had assertio to her de fence.

Assertio septem sacramentorum; or, Defence of the seven sacraments

And first of all, to be the author of a book need not mean that one has no quotations from others, no ideas from others, no suggestions, criticisms and helps of this kind. This will now be done.

Cardi- nali Eborum, de potestatibus super lectione librorum Martini Lutheri. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Mass is no sacrifice: For the man, an infidel, is sancti fied by the faithful woman ; and the woman, an infidel, is sanctified by the faithful husband; otherwise your children should be unclean, but now they are holy.

Now, while this is not an apodictical argument, yet it gives a great probability that the edition here reprinted was printed not in England, but in Ireland. Has con- stitutiones et diplomat a legere est Tom II Bullarii. Sqcramentorum we admire, that Piety should extort from him being both a Christian and a Prince, what is but the Duty of every Christian?