María de los Ángeles Hernández T. Lcda. en Terapia Ocupacional. Máster en Psicomotricidad Batería Psicomotora Vítor Da Fonseca Sustento. Feb 25, Taller “Batería psicomotora (BPM, Vítor Da Fonseca)”, CIAP Centro de Investigación & Atención Psiconeurológica, Edificio Chapultepec. Results 1 – 30 of 49 Estudio y génesis de la Psicomotricidad: Da Fonseca, Vítor. Seller Image . Terapia Psicomotora: Estudo de Casos: Vitor da Fonseca.

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Any factor that causes a decrease in the cerebral oxygenation can provoke physical and psychic damages, more serious cases as asphyxia or intoxication cause irreversible damages to the cerebral or neuronal operation5,6. The buccal ronseca takes to the bad cerebral oxygenation and, consequently, low school performance. The psychomotor battery was accomplished in a covered court, individually with each child.

En la tonicidad las medias fueron: For evaluation of the body notion, it is observed the kinesthetic sense, the right and left recognition, self-image facegestures imitation and body drawing. No hubo diferencia en ninguna va No hubo diferencia en ninguna variable entre los dos grupos.

Not occurring batsria statistical difference between the groups as observed in the illustration 4. We are speaking about individuals that possess a psychomotor disturbance. The cognitive neuroscience approaches themes of importance as, for instance, the normality aspects and memory alteration, attention, language, motivation, emotion and conscience.

Micro Medical Micro Spirometers, that uses as protocol the Knudson’s spirometric patterns. Therefore, to learn does not mean to do an internal interpretation and representation of the reality or external information, but to do a personal interpretation and representation of such reality.


Las habilidades motoras en niños víctimas de maltrato físico.

The well-structured organism bitor the base for the learning, consequently, the organic deficiencies can condition or to hinder that process. The group that breathes well presented mean of 3,33? The students were randomly raffled in public schools of the Rio de Janeiro state.

That body’s participation in the learning process occurs for the action mainly in the first years and for the representation. There are people that in spite of they possess normal intelligence and, sometimes even superior, they have a motive performance that gets the attention.

Fitness & Performance Journal

Besides, the psychomotor development includes the functional development of the whole body and its parts and usually this development is divided in psicomohriz factors, that are 7: Nevertheless, what saying about these people’s breathing? We conclude that physical abuse sequelae interfere with the acquisition and development of motor skills, but stimulation programs made by the research group, in this case, are effective to regain abilities and motor skills.

However, during the tests the children that breathes well obtained little fonnseca scores than the children that breathe bad, with exception in the right and left recognition.

The impact of the motor deficits is observed in the functional abilities The different phases of the motor development have great importance, because collaborate for the progressive organization of the other areas, as the intelligence, what shows that the importance of an appropriate motor development is in the intimate relationship of this condition with the cognitive development and the cognition is understood as an interaction with the environment, referring to people and objects This does with that the learning process is unique and “could not be repeated” in each case Used as a measuring tool in this project.


To evaluate the global praxia, was researched the ocular-manual coordination, ocular-podal coordination, dysmetry, dissociation of the superior and inferior members, besides the agility. This is a cuasixperimental study in which the program applies Stimulation Motor Skills Poymocor formulated by the group at Universidad Libre, to a target population comprised of 16 children victims of physical abuse in the city of Barranquilla, which met with the inclusion criteria: Los estudiantes fueron divididos en dos grupos: Each one of those interrelated functions is an evaluation area.

Understands, then, the learning as a process of individual construction through which is made a personal and only interpretation of such culture. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. A digital spirometer apparel was used, of the mark: It is the interaction and the intelligible and informational relationship between both, that give to the movement the varied function of the intelligence.

They are many times called clumsy. Significant differences between mean scores for each subfactor result of the evaluation before and after the intervention were established on Students t-test.

Selecionou-se randomicamente 60 escolares entre 8 e 10 anos. It separated the scholars in two groups, they breathe well and they breathe badly.