Still from the film adaptation of Beau Geste, starring (from left) Ray Milland ( as John Geste), Gary Cooper (Beau Geste), and Robert Preston (Digby Geste). : Beau Geste (): Percival Christopher Wren: Books. Beau Geste (Wordsworth Collection) [P. C. Wren] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three noble English brothers battle a sadistic sergeant.

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Aunt Patricia’s ne’er do well husband, Hector is never home as he galavants around the world on hunting trips and chasing women and spending the family fortune.

Wren resigned from the Indian Education Service in November Or not the ending so much, but the bit right before the ending. Good heavens above us! Like I stated in the beginning–these guys were MEN! Wren worked as a boarding school teacher for a few years, during which he married Alice Shovelier, and had a daughter Estelle, born All being then perfectly silent he decided to beware of an ambush, to halt for the rest of the night, and to feel his way forward, in attack formation, at dawn.

Beau Geste

As it was–where everything was extraordinary, and the mind of the beholder filled with suspicion and a thousand questions, it was most interesting and remarkable. I know it was made into a movie–maybe more than once, I’m not sure–and so if you watch classic movies you may have seen it. And then there was that wre “wandering around in the desert” bit which made me want to throw the book against the wall which you can’t really do, with a kindle.

He would have fallen–or possibly have hung limply through the embrasure.


We wanted mounted riflemen down there just as you did in the Boer War, or else the Arabs served us as the Boers did you at first. And then I had an idea. Secondly, it offers an imaginative trip through North Africa with the Foreign Legion, truly exciting. As the car entered the gates and swept up the long, winding avenue of Norman oaks, he actually trembled, and his bronzed face was drawn and changed in tint.

It made me laugh, cry, and feel for all the characters like no other book. While not mentioned in Beau Gestethe American Otis Vanbrugh appears as a friend of the Geste brothers in a sequel novel.

If I was to be procureur, juge d’instruction, judge and jury, coroner, and perhaps, avenger–everything should be done in due form–and my report upon the impossible affair be of some value, too. He would never have had even the need to deny having done it, for no one would have dreamt of accusing him.

I was glad to feel certain that he at least was no Arab, but a tough old legionary, a typical vieille moustache, and rough soldier of fortune.

Beau Geste by P.C. Wren

None of this should detract too much from viewing Beau Geste as an enjoyable read for the main part. I can only feel sure that one of the two happened,” replied Lawrence.

He might have described George Lawrence as a romantic and quixotic fool-errant, which he was not, or perhaps merely as a man in love, which he was.

That accursed fort was still exerting its horrible influence. Unfortunately, their ill-advised joking about the jewel theft causes many of their comrades to genuinely believe that one of them possesses it. You are positively as young and as beautiful as ever,” he replied–but with no air of gallantry and compliment, and rather as a sober statement of ascertained fact.


The only part of the story that stayed with me through all the subsequent years was the Fort Zinderneuf under-siege gete, which is a marvelous tale in its own right. I rather think not. An adjudant in charge of a fort that had been attacked by Arabs.

P. C. Wren

The presentation is somewhat cutesy, with an ebullient Frenchman being gste off against a phlegmatic Englishman who punctuates the former’s Gallic extravagance with laconic little quips and s slang, for example, and the mostly-monologue telling seems to go forever. Every man killed at his post. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It would be a good man that would undertake the job successfully–for getse skill and courage would be required. Again and again, at intervals of years, he had visited the shrine, not so much renewing the ever-burning fire at besu altar, as watching it flame up brightly in her presence. No, there must be something wrong, in spite of the peaceful look of things and the safety of the Flag–and I pulled out my field-glasses to see if they would reveal anything missed by the naked eye.

The ‘Blue Water’ stolen! Such attitudes might be pardonable to some degree in the nineteenth century when they were more common.