Bhrigu Sutras, bhrugu. His famous compilation, Bhrigu Samhita, which contains the predictions for thousands of combinations, is popular even today. There is. The book titled Bhrigu Sutras in English in PDF format. 1Maharshi Bhrigu’s Bhrigu Sutras Introduction The original book BHRIGU SUTRAS, which I am translating has no introduction w.

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Phaldeepika-Some part of the body of the native will be afflicted. In service Sun shows the administrative head or Government.

Periodically they succeed in swallowing the Sun and the Moon This is during eclipses but they escape as they are immortal. In the woman’s chart Sun indicates her husband There is another school of thought that Jupiter represents the husband in a female’s bhriyu.

H e will suffer from bodily troubles and will be happy at watery places. I n this chapter we propose to give information about the Zodiac, signs and the planets.

H e may turn out to be the worst type of sexualist and satisfy his sexual urges in novel ways. The Jupiterian is usually quick to hit the mark as his symbol bhrihu the A rcher.

She will be short lived if the M oon is weak that is, waning. Comments-The 5th is 9th to 9th house and is therefore treated as a house of fortune Bhagya also. If the Sun is associated with an sutrras or debilitated planet, or if he is associated with or aspected by a malefic, the sutrws will have a number of wives or will have sexual contacts with many women.

Other Views B rihat J atak-The person concerned will be childless and with out wealth. H e also gets name and fame because 5th house is 9f h to 9th house which signifies high learning, bhagya and prosperity. He will have 30 command over many persons, that is, he will be of bhrgu status. The accumulation of wealth as mentioned in Chamatkar Chintamani will happen only when the Sun in the 5th is a functional benefic.


It is said that if the Sun is with Mercury, the native bhrig stammer in his speech. He will then become respected and successful, will be learned, sutrax a high position and will become valorous. Saravali-The native will be very passionate, will suffer from acidic troubles, will be powerful, wealthy, a king or like a king. If Jupiter is afflicted in the horoscope, the native will be an extremist and unconventional.

E ighth H ouse Longevity or span of life, also called house of death because end of longevity is death ; inheritance, legacies, wills, insurance, pension and gratuity, accidents, death by drowning, fire or suicide; misery, misfortune, sorrow, strife, worries, disgrace, delay, dejection, disappointment, defeat, loss and obstruction, theft, robbery, chronic diseases. The influence of Saturn is commonly called evil and in this respect he is much maligned, but in reality there is no evil since all things work together for good ultimately.

What is popularly known as Bhava Phala effects of the 12 houses in standard texts, is dealt with a direct touch, and with particular reference, to the planets stationed in various houses, the aspects they receive and the fact, that a planet is in exaltation, own or enemy house.

The native will therefore be abnormally passionate 25 and will run after more than one woman to satisfy his carnal desires.

Bhrigu – Veda – PDF Drive

This work also assigns the sign A quarius as owned by R ahu and Scorpio as owned by K etu. Watery places like ponds, tanks, wells etc. T he M oon in the T enth H ouse Sutras f the Moon is in the tenth house the native will achieve high academic attainments.

He will be a brave fighter. M oon governs the impregnation, conception, birth of child, the animal instinct the union and the embryo. H e will be very handsome. By their pleasing personality the subjects of Venus are natural peacemakers; their refined nature softens the ruffed feelings of friends and convert anger to pleasure.

Essence of Shiv Maha Saravali By Dr S. V enus rules the skin, throat, veins, ovaries sutrss internal generative organs and these are adversely affected by over indulgence in amusements, eating and drinking. H e governs the blood, liver, veins, arteries and thighs. He will not respect the opposite sex.


We make a start with the effects of the Sun in the First FI ouse or the A scendant and the remaining houses. Lulu Staff has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement. The marriage will be delayed only if there is some malefic influence on her. Age Verification The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. They are plump and of short stature.

Note-The essence of the views expressed above seems to be that a benefic M oon will give good results and a malefic Moon will give bad results in regard to the significations of the seventh house. If the Sun is exalted in this situation the ascendant will be Leo, and Sun as lord of ascendant will be exalted in the ninth house, an excellent dispositionor in his own sign Leo this position of lord of the ninth being in the ninth will generate a powerful Raja Y ogaall the good results of the ninth house will be magnified.

Bhrigu Sutras.pdf – Veda

M ythologically, J upiter is the preceptor of Gods. A s regards the statement that the presence of the M oon in 8th house will separate the native from his relations on account of his wife we are unable sutrss find any astrological reason for it, but as the statement comes from a distinguished authority, the readers may verify it from their practical experience. A s far as the effects of the aspect of the three planets on the Sun as mentioned in Sutra 89, we see no logic behind the conclusion arrived at.