BRAHMAVAIVARTA PURANA (Brahma-Prakrti and Ganapati Khanka) TEXT WITH ENGLISH TRANSLATION. VOL. I. Translated into English by. Shanti Lai. Is the complete English translation of the Brahma-vaivarta Purana available for download? The complete English translation is available at the. Sri Brahma-vaivarta Purana Table of Contents Chapter One Sri Krsna-pada- padma-prapti-sopanam. The Stairway to Sri Krsna’s Lotus Feet.

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She is His beloved. Association with them is a sharp sword that cuts the bonds of repeated birth and death.

In this way My wheel of time turns day and night. In the Satya-yuga He was white and very splendid and puranw. When He came what did He do? Share your thoughts with other customers. He will return home and defeat the armies of a king and a wicked yavana. Are you Kaca, or Brhaspati, All the demigods should go in amsa incarnations to the earth.

Ganesa is not able. At that gate the demigods saw peerless Virabhanu, Why did He leave them and go to Mathura? In what form did Lord Hari appear?

They sang and danced with joy. Again bowing down with devotion, he then approached Sri Radha. O Lord, how did he become a tree? Who can protect you? At the end, leaving your human forms behind, you two will go to Goloka.

If he sees him, a wise man bathes in the Ganga or glances at the sun, and in that way becomes purified. I give the fruits of work.


Day and night I neglish of them. He is englisb Lord Narayana Himself. When this most auspicious moment, an astami when the moon is conjoined with Rohini, is passed, a person who has followed the Janmastami vow should break his fast. O best of the wise, none of them would be very dear to me. They will stay enlgish around different islands.

The mythology and stories of Brahmavaivarta Puranaalong with Bhagavata Puranavaivartz been influential to the Krishna-related Hindu traditions, as well as to dance and performance arts such as the Rasa Lila. Why did Durvasa Muni curse the baivarta of Pandya-desa?

What You feel I also feel. All the demigods headed by Brahma are considered My partial expansions. That sinful woman has no right to live in the world of the demigods. This narration brings happiness and piety.

Then Vasudeva vaivarha his bride to their palace. Vasudeva gazed at his sleeping, dark, infant son, on the ground before him. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

O Lord glorious as the autumn moon, using the cakora birds of My eyes I drink the nectar of Your face day and night. In many secluded places he enjoyed with her again and again. How can the body exist without the spirit soul?

Brahmavaivarta Purana With English Translation Volume 2

Vxivarta holds Your feet to Her breast. Some cried piteously and some fainted. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Vasudeva gave each one to Kamsa, and Kamsa killed them all, one by one. In this way he reassured Parvati and removed her fears. Views Read Edit View history.


English translation of the Brahmavaivarta Purana – Hinduism Stack Exchange

One moment she would sit down, the next moment she would stand up, the braahma moment she would pace back and forth, and the next moment she would sleep. Because of their union, the queen employed mystic powers to leave her body. By chanting Your names I now know and see everything and I have the power to go anywhere.

The entire universe is constructed of two things: Pufana will become a gopi!

Brahma-vaivarta puranam. Translated into English by Rajendra Nath Sen

In the posture of explaining scripture, he was happily teaching his disciples. Because of my past pious deeds I am puarna able to see you. She became filled with passionate desire.

Then he fed the infant Krsna. You are My life. Now you should worry about your fate. One who follows the Janmastami vow on that day delivers ten million of his relatives.

Breaking the fast in this way is very purifying and destroys all sins. With the dust of their feet they purify my family here in Gokula.