in Vicenza/Italy. BT Mechanical Seals S.p.A. was established in a new industrial plant in Arcugnano (Vicenza). BT joined the German Burgmann. BT-Burgmann in profile. BT-Burgmann•S.p.A.•was•founded•in••to•satisfy• the•requirements•for•mechanical•seals•of•italian• pumps•manufacturers. Norton Wells stocks and supplies a full range of Eagle Burgmann mechanical seals and other pump spares.

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Contact our experts for more information. The product is mecuanical suitable for the retrofitting of large-scale boiler feed pumps designed with floating ring seals or labyrinths. Unitex Single cartridge seal Elastomer bellows Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation Rotating spring Bellows and spring free from torsion Metric and inch sizes available.

Cartex Dual seals Dual seal Cartridge Balanced Independent of direction of rotation Double pressure balanced Integrated pumping device Variants available: Wide sliding faces ensure high gas film stability.

Eagle Burgmann Mechanical Seals – Eagle Burgmann Pump Seals – Eagle Burgmann Shaft Seals

MG9 For plain shafts Single and dual seal Elastomer bellows rotating Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation No torsion on bellows and spring Conical or cylindrical spring Metric and inch sizes available Special seat dimensions available US Patent No. Products Mechanical seals Mechanical seals for pumps Pusher seals Standard cartridge seals Elastomer bellows seals Metal bellows seals Engineered seals Split seals Gas-lubricated seals.

Type Pneumostop The water-lubricated stern tube seals type from EagleBurgmann are not alone an environment-friendly solution. Learn more about our new eMG1 and eMG!


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PDGS Gas-lubricated Uni-directional or bi-directional Seeal Ready-to-fit cartridge unit Single, double, tandem seal and tandem with intermediate labyrinth available Separation seals as labyrinths, carbon rings or CobaSeal are optionally available.

Years of experience in the design and practical use of a multitude of high-pressure mechanicla pumps come out in this mechanical seal. Solutions for Innovative Energy Production. Silicon carbide face materials and a high-strength coating ensure optimal performance in continuous operation. AX30 Unbalanced Dependent on direction of rotation Solid seats.

SeccoMix For top entry drives For glass-lined vessels acc.

In addition, this series also comes with service-proven EagleBurgmann shrink-fit technology for carbon seal faces. Carbon floating ring seals.

Please ask us for references. Lexicon of Mechanical Seals. WRS Oil-lubricated Bi-directional Externally pressurized Ready-to-fit cartridge unit Single, face bushing and double seal available Suitable for high speed Hydrodynamic grooves for increased operating capabilities and stabilized low leakage. Pulp and paper industry. Register here mechanixal subscribe. Fixed-mount mechanical seal Face materials: Type The water-lubricated stern tube seals for closed systems Type from EagleBurgmann are not alone an environment-friendly solution.

Case Studies Runs smoothly, even with inadequate lubrication Runs smoothly, even with inadequate lubrication more Case Studies. Find the right product. HR principle is the characteristic design feature of the Cartex series: The new generation of elastomer bellows seals for pumps.

Eagle Burgmann Mechanical Seals

CGSH-K For stepped shafts Balanced Rotating spring Single or double seal available Standard version with U-grooves, V-grooves optional dependent of direction of rotation Gas-lubricated Does not open in the mechaniical of buffer pressure failure, self closing at pressure reversal.


AX5 Unbalanced Independent on direction of rotation. This prevents harmful contamination and increases operational reliability, especially in applications where the media contains solids. Stay informed with Excellence in Practice.

SHF Mechanical Seal

Learn more about our diamond-coated high-performance DF-SA seal. Sign up now to receive the latest news on new EagleBurgmann products and case stories.

In comparison to rival seals this technology leads to a reduction in the number of parts involved and lower sensitivity to unexpected mechanical influences such as, for example, pressure surges. The basis for this stable deformation performance was provided by extensive FE analyses and test stand trials. Carbon floating ring seals. HR Single seal Balanced Independent of direction of rotation Multiple springs stationary Seat rotating Seat arranged directly behind the mecchanical Spring protection sleeve Variant with cylindrical spring and acc.

Save Time and Money: No less than 60 subsidiaries and further locations underline our presence in the leading economic regions.

Mechanical seals for pumps – Sealing Solutions

SeccoLip Mecchanical top entry drives, on request other drives possible Dry-running Modular and flexible design Compensation of shaft deflection by patented technology Independent of direction of rotation. DGS Centers of Competence.

HRN Single seal Balanced Independent of direction of rotation Stationary springs Dual seals in tandem as well as back-to-back arrangements also in combination with H10 seal.