Citadel, the concluding volume of Mosse’s French Trilogy, is. Da Vinci Code, Kate Mosse’s blockbuster Labyrinth arrived as a welcome. Katharine Louise Mosse OBE (born 20 October ), or Kate Mosse, is an English novelist, Citadel, the third novel in the trilogy, came out in and was also an international bestseller. Inspired by the real history of the resistance in. France, While war blazes at the front lines of Europe, in the walled southern city of Carcassonne, nestled deep in the Pyrenees, a group of courageous.

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I enjoyed reading about France during the early s. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Citadel (Languedoc, #3) by Kate Mosse

Perhaps I feel tricked by the supernatural element, perhaps I feel the level if research that’s gone in to it is overshadowed by what I see as its detracting qualities. Well, I had read ‘Labyrinth’ which I really enjoyed and ‘Sepulcher,’ which was also relatively enjoyable as far as light holiday reads go. On the other side the past is the story of a Monk by the same of Arinius who risks his life to find the same text that’s used later on to summon everyone who’s have ever fallen in the Midi “so others could live”to fight again for the cause, his story is much shorter than the other ones from the previous books but the present time requires so much that it was appropriated to make it this way.

But in a world where the enemy now lies in every shadow – where neighbour informs on neighbour; where friends disappear without warning and often citade trace – love can demand the highest price of all. I love hearing what you have to say, and I try to respond to all comments here. Jul 11, Sue rated it it was amazing. Mosse in Warsaw Lists with This Book.

Nov 25, Kassi rated it liked it. Citadel is a huge tome of a book, almost pages and although it dragged a tiny bit in the middle, on the whole, it is a fast-paced, if complex story that will grip the reader.


Kate Mosse Reveals Influences for Citadel. Wow, Im an emotional wreck after that!! I don’t think the book should have been as long as it was. Historical fiction has never been my first love, and I’ll admit that the first of the series; Labyrinth, sat on my shelf for a long time before I actually read it.

She and Sandrine share a lot of trajectory as characters, and Mosse wastes so much time in the lead-up to katr forming the network, that the story skips over that growth to where they’ve been at it for years.

In conclusion, the work of the resistance fighters during World War II, does citaadel need additional hoopla, on its own the stories of bravery and disregard for their own welfare, outshines any mystic fiction. Mosse seemed to skip over important events, in the narrative, and fill the pages with repetitive dialogue, between the protagonists.

A superb blend of rugged action and haunting mystery based on real-life figures, Citadel is a vivid and richly atmospheric story of a group of heroic women who dared the odds to survive.

This was my first Kate Mosse book, and I will probably not read another. Create An Account Why Join? I was glad I’d finished it, but I also felt it started to get much stronger around the 7o percent mark and wished some of that beauty was present earlier on.

While it was emotional at times, I felt that it was too little for all the build up. Kate Mosse on the Landscape in Citadel Watch.

Kate Mosse – Wikipedia

Not a Member Yet? Think I was slightly disappointed. In short, there is no originality or fervor in the writing. I also couldn’t have given two hoots about the medieval plot that was interwoven. I have read over a hundred books in the past eighteenth months or so mosee this is by far the worst!

Becoming A Mother in its seventh edition was published by Virago infollowed in by The House: Citadel is a deeply satisfying literary adventure, brimming with all the romance, treachery and cliffhangers you would expect from the genre. Pretty good overall, but I did feel it was lacking in tension at times.


I had citadrl read any other of Kate Mosse’s work prior to reading Citadel so I was unsure of what I was getting into. Rather Be the Devil by Ian Rankin. Other books in the series.

She even has the decency to meet her future husband organically, and not in that Destiny Love at First Sight or is it First Unconscious Kiss? However, there citasel one character that makes an appearance in all three novels, and the supernatural aspect of the story might best be understood by reading them in order. I just never found her particularly compelling; in fact, she pales in comparison to the all too skimming portraits of nearly every other female character in the book, ciadel for Lucie, whose redemptive arc also fails to interest.

This relates to the heroine’s sister really and was entirely unnecessary. Who do the characters in the Resistance believe these spirits to be, if of God, then why are they citadep a believer in His army?

Labyrinth / Sepulchre / Citadel

The police were to protect, although many of them were involved with the Nazi’s, who to trust was a significant problem. There is of course the parallel story of the codex going on but I found it irrelevant. The interwoven story of the Codex seemed to me to be superfluous, and diverted from the tale of genuine heroism, on the part of the protagonists. At times, it was repetitive and confusing. I absolutely love Kate Mosse!

I could find nothing to justify the manner in which the two fell in love. As I say, I loved the second half of the book and couldn’t put citasel Kindle down and was utterly heartbroken at the conclusion; tears of joy and sadness.