One of Brooks’s big arguments in The Well Wrought Urn is that you can’t summarize (or paraphrase) a poem and retain its meaning. The poem says something. From ig35 to ig48 Cleanth Brooks was co-editor of The South- ern Review with In addition to these and to The Well Wrought Urn, Mr. Brooks has published. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Cleanth ioned.

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Whatever may be true in reality of the life of the soul, the body does de- cay, and unless we make haste to catch some part of that joy and beauty, that beauty — whatever else may be true — is lost.

The Well Wrought Urn | work by Brooks |

We have a selected series of items: But more of this later. Corinna is actually being re- proached for being late to church — the diurch of nature. Certainly the poem is an instance of that magic power which Coleridge sought to describe. A little consideration, how- ever, will show that Milton could not afford to exploit mere contrast.

They would have ceased to be twin halves of one poem, for the sense of unity in variety would have been lost. But the question as to whether the critic can make normative judgments does touch the heart of the matter; so too, the related question as to whether a poem represents anything more universal than the expression of the particular values of its time.

I do not mean to split hairs. Wordsworth and the Paradox of the Imagination 8. c,eanth


The Well Wrought Urn

Ostensibly, this second stanza simply goes on to define further the nature of the thing lost: Brioks if they are rendered dramatic, how is this accomplished? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To return to the battle between the beaux and belles; here Pope beautifully unifies the various motifs of the poem. For, in a sense, Macbeth is here hoist on his own petard.

Even if he had a polysyllabic technical term, the term would not provide the solution for his problem. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Was Gray actually conscious of such a purpose? If this be true, then more is at stake than the merit of the quoted lines taken as lines. Each Porch, each doore, ere this. The abbey burial ground is, in its turn, humanized by the churchyard. The poet is filled with worship, but the girl who walks beside him is not worshiping. There is no final contradiction between this kind of excitement and this kind of calm, but the meaning of the words are being modified by each other, moving away from their purely denotative meaning.

Whether he thinks too little, or too much. And, in at least one brilliant example, the plant sym- bolism unites with the clothes symbolism. But this is to make primary what is only one aspect of the old-clothes imagery!

Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown, And put a barren sceptre in my gripe. Thou by some other shall be laid as low. Does it furnish a proper climax for the poem?

Having pre-empted the poem for our own purposes, it may not be too outrageous to go on to make one further observation. Studies in the Structure of Poetry. PREFACE Most of the chapters of this book have been published as separate essays; but I offer it to the reader, not as a miscellaneous collection, but as a book, a book with a defined objective and a deliberate plan.


So ridest thou triumphing in my beooks. Account Options Sign in. The Case of Aiks Arabella Fermoi 93 True, we can take assault and reject in their more gen- eral meanings, not in their specific Latin senses, but the specific meanings are there just beneath the surface. But wrojght the paradox is still contained in, and supported by, the dominant metaphor: Pope expresses his own judgment of the situation, employing Clarissa as his mouthpiece.

Confronted with this apparent contradiction, we can conclude, if we like, that Herrick is confused; or, soften- ing the censure, we can explain that he was concerned What Does Poetry Communicate? What does this poem communicate? The divine well cannot reside in mere beauty alone, painted cheeks, bright eyes, curled locks.

I mean that the poet does not use cleanyh notation at all—as the science may be properly be said to do so.

Even the extravagancies on which the poet has looked sardonically are rooted finally in something so deep that it can be found in the country churchyard too: The temper of our times is strongly relativistic.