Colgate vs Pepsodent Comparative advertisement. 1. COMPARATIVE ADVERTISEMENT VS; 2. DEFINATION Comparative advertising is an. Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd. brought an action against HUL for its ads relating to its product ‘Pepsodent GermiCheck Superior Power’ as. Colgate – Market PositioningWhile Pepsodent germi-check has a market share of %, Colgate strong teeth has a market share of %. The below discussion.

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The way the general public rallied around those affected brought tears to my eyes and made my heart swell with pride at the same time. The concept of brand war or brand destruction also needs to be analyzed in two aspects. The ad film taps into her confidence and unapologetic assertiveness as she embraces power and success.

My two favourite pieces of work – one by another agency colgatr one by my own are: It shows how while most good things and good feelings in life are transient, the impact of an inspiring act of goodness lasts more than a lifetime.

But my question is that which brand should be chosen to prevent all the dental problems. Due to this solution of salt, mustard oil and Neem twigs, there pepsodfnt be no harm to you gums, teeth, no cavity, and you get the teeth white. Social Login – Become our member today!

Which toothpaste is better Colgate or Pepsodent for all dental solution?

Comparative advertising is something that the challenger brand should undertake; for example, Tyson Gay can challenge Usain Bolt, but it cannot be the other way around. Some doctors would recommend Colgate for cavity problems in teeth.

Commenting on the association with Mirza, Priti Eppsodent. I spoke to my cousins and the local folks who were in the thick of things. Neha Kapoor Production House: We take a look at other campaigns rolled out by brands on the said concept of embracing individuality and breaking the pre-conceived, traditional notions of beauty.


For example some whitening toothpastes have more abrasives which may whiten your teeth but eventually wear your enamel away causing sensitivity and other problems So its better you master the correct brushing technique which is from the gum line downwards for upper teeth and from the gumline upwards for lower teeth.

The way the ad is shot is not very fresh.

Will it have an impact on how brand Pepsodent is perceived? More use of recycled materials. It made an instant connect with traditional Indian households which have believed in dental ailments being treated with clove oil for decades. Crayons Advertising wins exclusive outdoor rights for Kumbh Mela 3 days ago.

According to the court too much could not be read into the ads and to expressions of each individual character. How effective is comparative advtg? You have to cover all three areas like “U” shape ‘Front, bottom or top and back side.

You will love reading: Leader Address By Prasanth Kumar. BeforePepsodent was a very popular brand. Taken as a whole, neither the TV commercial nor the print advertisement denigrates the product or the brand of Colgate. Welcome Address by Dr. Log in with your credentials Social Login – Become our member today!

This ad breaks it. The two cplgate culminate in a larger act of goodness: Spike Jonze video Apple HomePod It was awesome just from its pure visual poetry that defined what the product experience would be like for a consumer. Dear friend, It is hard to say that which one is best from Colgate and Pepsodent. I think this is a very different idea from the brand’s pepsodeng of view, and I am not sure if this ad will be able to create much buzz like the previous ones.


Colgate is a sub brand of Colgate-Palmolive.

This should not pepxodent granted by court. The film showcases women from different walks of life, who wear their scars with pride and flaunt their supposed imperfections with absolute confidence and grace.

Proud of my team for being gender sensitive. It has been around since Based on this heartwarming concept, fbb wishes for everyone to wear the best thing this season – their smile, WearYourSmile. The campaign featured a degree multimedia integration of television, print, outdoor and digital platforms.

So exchange4media asked industry stalwarts their favourite campaigns in Let alone take a shower. In the past she has reported on mainline news, travel and lifestyle. Comparison will only start tit for tat advertising. While Pepsodent germi-check has a market share of 6.

Colgate vs. Pepsodent brand war – competitive advertisement

Many times cases span pepssodent different areas of law. While we wear the best of fashion lets spread joy with smiles in all sizes this festive season. I like this as the creative idea is unique, the format is fresh and a ‘not-so-obvious’ extrapolation of the core property of ‘sweat’. Focus on the reusable packages. Kesh King to launch new TVC featuring Sania Mirza The new TVC will feature Mirza discussing how her decision to fall back on Kesh King as a solution to her hair fall problem after childbirth was the best choice she has made exchange4media Staff 1 day ago.

Also you have to use.