Dread Necromancers have a few chances to add any Cleric or Wizard/Sorcerer Necromancy spell to their spell list via Advanced Learning. A Dread Necromancer is a necromancer who’s more of a . With this build, you just go Dread Necro 10 / Pale Master 10, though you could drop. Necromantic Classes:There are three necromantic base classes of note: the Wizard, the Cleric, and of course the Dread Necromancer.

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That includes Rebuking checks, so beware that your Desecrate aura is going to interfere in you controlling your own undead, so plan accordingly.

Once you hit 8, the class becomes something entirely different, essentially becoming a customizable zookeeper with Animate Dead. Now, in the face of a clearly wrong ruling just how stupid do they have to be to say that Lich Transformation doesn’t involve actually becoming a Lich anyway??

As far as hit dice are concerned, let’s just leave it at the fact that a Hulking Corpse has more than twice the hit dice of an Atropal Scion, despite being very much inferior over all. I’ve also considered that since the group I’m making this for doesn’t have a healer I might want to take: Reanimated Dread Necromancer Handbook Schneeky, good work on starting this. It doesn’t even get a save, you just make a Turning Check and if you get a result that is capable of effecting creatures with at least 1 hit die less than your effective turning level, it’s yours!

It’s permanent, and it’ll warn you when enemies show up. At level 4, zombies are only a modest irritant, and any you command with rebuking are best use to shamble ahead of the party setting off traps. Combat is pretty similar at 3rd level to 2nd, but the monsters are tougher. Undead have a “hit dice for the purposes of Rebuking” as well. Yathrinshee, the Dark Beauties of Bad Class Features Like the True Necromancer, this is an arcaneine combo PrC that is very cool and we’d totally play it if it wasn’t completely crippled.


Human SRD — There aren’t a lot of races that boost Charisma, so getting an extra feat is far from the worst thing you can do.

Warlocks get access to an Invocation called The Dead Walk, which has two uses. That continues to be true from now on… Dread Necromancer First Level This is where you have to make the big decisions in build priorities.

Of course, Wizards are in an even worse position vis a vis the Cleric in the arena of animating corpses. It hanebook either work like normal Animate Dead that you pay full price foror it can act as a special kind of Summon Undead that has a duration of several minutes and has a material component of one corpse.

Reanimated Dread Necromancer Handbook

But at 7th level they have a 3 level penalty to their Rebuking level. A scythe also fits your necromancre it deals less damage than a greataxe but has an impressive critical rating. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Human for the feat. Take them as you will. When you choose a dread necromancer for your character, you gain access to a short list of deadly spells and an impressive collection of equally deadly class features. Start with a Marilith and its AC goes drdad to 32!

Another good option without getting crazy with multiple classes is Fiend-Blooded. But it’s not the magic dump point that K described it as. If you succeed and handboko Rebuking level is at least twice the Undead’s HD, you command it again, Turn Resistance is added to actual HD for this purpose. April 24, At adequately high levels you can also command undead with it, which is a nice bonus, especially if you can find some of the specialty undead with spell-like abilities.


Your spellcasting is very limited, restricting you to debuffs and anti-undead measures. Dread necromancers aren’t good at avoiding attacks against their bodies. Actually he would enjoy being able to duplicate one of the necro,ancer important function of divine magic. Of course, roleplaying a dumb necromancer isn’t necessarily what most people have in mind, but that’s down to personal preference.

Wizard Level 1 So your big Wizardly choice is already made.

Revised Necromancer Handbook (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

If you decide to make your single martial weapon a ranged weapon, choose a long bow or composite long bow. Your immunities overwrite your resistances. After buying all your other equipment, dump your money into more nightsticks until you can’t afford them anymore, and just pull them out as needed to get more Rebuking done.

Because many of your abilities rely on your entering melee, you are proficient with light armor and have the ability to cast your spells while wearing light armor.