Lost Passport Application Forms DS and DS The government form you will need to complete when applying for a replacement for a lost US passport is. Application Form DS should be submitted when reporting a lost or stolen passport. The application form should be completed in black ink and answers. Form DS is one of the few forms issued by the US Department of State that can be completed online. This is because though the form allows a passport.

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I am going to call and go to the passport agency tomorrow but want confirmation to know my passport will be valid while I travel. Skip to main content. Explain where the robbery or forn happened with address and details if this happened outside the United States. Sign and Date the Form The place to sign the application form is at the very bottom of page one. Download both forms and fill them out using a black ink pen. Box Sterling, VA Notify the US Department of State immediately that your passport has been lost or stolen.

Do I still need to use form DS in my application for a new one? Get Copies of Passport Records. Passports International Travel U.

DS-64 Lost or Stolen Passport Replacement Application Form

Complete and Print Form Follow the instructions below to download the passport application form DS I misplaced my passport and will be requesting a new one, but I have also changed my last name since losing the passport.


Once you submit your DS application, your current passport is invalid and the information reported worldwide.

Should you find your old passport, it will be invalid. No one can travel internationally using only a U. It is for parents of a minor who is replacing a passport.

If you find another person’s lost U. We can return the passport after it is canceled. Put down as many details as you can in this section. Apply For or Renew My Passport. In this case, BOTH parents must sign.

You are asked to provide your full name, sex, date of birth, palce of birth, social security number, current address, home phone number, work phone number, email address and whether you name has changed since the passport was issued. When you complete this application form for a lost passport replacement, you will need to include the following information: You must go to a Passport Center or Agency in person you will have to make an appointment firstand submit a DS form in person.

Report your physical U. All of the following is necessary if you are doing place fprm birth.

DS Application for Lost or Stolen Passport

Fprm DS is a two page form with a space for your photo and signature on the first page. The bottom signatory section allows for two signatures. For whatever the reason is for losing a passport, you must apply for a new one, and the process must begin. Our records and IT systems do not connect to the records or systems of outside companies. It is a privately operated website portal for informational purposes only.


It is a good practice to keep this information vs64 in a spot that is separate from where you keep your passport such as a computer file. Forms for Special Situations You should only submit the forms listed below for special situations.

Getting a new passport takes 4 to 6 weeks if you do not request expedited service. If not reported within 90 days from the date issued, you will be required to re-apply and pay all applicable fees.

How long does it take da64 process Form DS and get a new passport? Click on the tool below, and navigate to the “Report Lost or Stolen” tab.

I never needed to use one since then, but want to renew. This is a privately owned website and not a government agency.

When you complete this application form for a lost passport replacement, you will need to include the following information:.