Before her death on October 16, , Nwapa said in an interview that she used Efuru to explore how women are treated in the society. Having. Appearing in , Efuru was the first internationally published book, in English, by a Nigerian woman. Flora Nwapa () sets her story in a small village . Efuru explores Nigerian village life and values, a world where spirits are a part of everyday life – as accepted, respected, and feared as one’s own relatives. Efuru.

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True to her character, Efuru does not have any quarrel with her rival wife. Aug 03, Cheryl rated it really liked it Recommends it for: However, I have no qualms with this neither does Efuru.

Instead, she loves her as a sister. Arguably, if Efuru is not an honest woman, they will not put their money in her care. Efuru is a wonderful, strong character–the perfect woman to show a female perspective. In addition to Efuru’s independence, she clearly accepts her culture’s “traditional practices such as circumcision and polygamy, traditional beliefs and traditional attitudes towards wifehood and infertility” Nnaemeka And I say, No, I am not a feminist.

Notes on Flora Nwapa’s Efuru. Her in-laws try to convince her to remain in their marital home but she refuses and decides to go look for him.

Oct 01, Sincerae rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to go back to Iboland? The writing style is VERY straightforward, dry, short sentences lots of dialogue. Surprisingly, Efuru promises them another ten nwxpa. Rather, she visits her on her sick bed and arranges for her treatment. Because of his acute poverty, he has to pawn one of his children. In particular she worked with orphans and refugees that where displaced during the war.


Just like many of my peers, I saw this as appalling and degrading culture.

No matter what Efuru does to make these men happy, they only think of how to make her sad. If you like this book or others like it, you may want to join us for Africa Writes. View all 18 comments. I give Efuru five stars for it being meaningful to me on a personal level.

Everything about Flora Nwapa screamed ‘feminist’, everything but her own words

Perhaps because it is written by a woman? She is a young remarkable woman from a distinguished family who seems to have bad luck with men. Chapter Eight Efuru does not allow the excitement of her new relationship to stop her from being kind to people as usual. It introduced me a bit more to Nigerian culture and traditions.

Or maybe there should be a law banning men from pronouncing on, criticising works by women? In those days when I grew up as a little boy, I often heard that in some cultures in India women go out to marry men. A medical doctor from Onitsha, Uzaru is sympathetic and has a soft spot for Efuru. Efuru and her husband make a happy couple to the admiration and gossip of everybody in the village.

Womanist Prosewhere she insisted that feminism is a global thing, meaning one can’t care about women from only a certain race. If not for her timely intervention, this kind woman would have died. This site is part of a larger site concerning Postcolonial Studies.

Flora Nwapa and the African woman’s struggle to identify as feminist

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. She is not only docile but also intelligent and sympathetic. This is why Efuru accepts the verdict of the priest that she has been chosen to serve the sea goddess, Uhamiri. She attended school at Ibadan and Edinburgh, later to return and teach in Nigeria. Like his wife, Efuru, Adizua had lost his father at early age and was brought up by his mother. Efuru then meets Gilbert, an educated man in her age group.


Efuru – Flora Nwapa – Google Books

Efuru is confused as she does not know what she has done to offend her husband. This is a double tragedy for Efuru. So, Efuru advises that they should get a maid who will look after their baby while she joins her husband to trade. Efuru is a woman who moves to the beat of her town’s river goddess, to the beat of her own drum.

Arguably, he may have been chasing this lady in his heart. At first, I was afraid the novel might be boring, but gradually I began to enjoy it, precisely enjoying its richness in oral tradition. Plot Summary Efuru, a young woman in her early twenties falls in love with Adizua who is too poor to pay her bride price. Unlike her sister, Ajanupu, she is quite reserved.

When Gilbert finally reappears, he accuses his wife who is now sick of adultery. He finds it nwqpa to feed his family let alone buy new yam seedlings for the next planting season. Independent, wise, resourceful Efuru is a delight. Globally, we need one another.