Buy B DANFOSS REFRIGERATION EKC D1, ller, I-pack the best price, fast worldwide shipping, up to 65% discount DANFOSS. EKC controllers can be used for a wide range of different refrigeration applications .. Regolatore per il controllo della temperatura – EKC D1, Literature. I need some help on this danfoss EKC D1. Its controlling a small freezer unit The set-point temperature is º The R1 seting is diferential is.

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Controller tray for refrigeration appliance control with TEV. A03 With data communication the importance of the individual alarms can be defined.

The eekc is the same as the one set for night setback, but will only be raised if the value is positive. Icing-up will start a defrost. All outputs are 20d21. When all t01 to t16 equal 0 the clock will not start defrosts. In central systems the function must be cut out. The function will be active after each and every power failure.

Danfoss EKC D1 temperature settings

Defrost is started at fixed time intervals, say, every eight elc Refrigeration time: Electric noise Cables for sensors, DI inputs and data communication must be kept separate from other electric cables: Selection of application The controller can be defined in various ways.

When the input is open it signals eck the door is open. The temperature difference between S3 and S4 will be reduced, and the controller will change to night operation mode once this difference becomes less than the set difference night time cover difference.


Defrost start, hour setting Defrost start, minute setting 1 and 11 belong together, etc. Select your own number.

Controller for temperature control – EKC 202D1 Manual

S4 Pumpdown delay Set the time where 202dd1 evaporator is emptied of refrigerant prior to the defrost. But you can also use a sensor with another signal accuracy. After the defrost the individual controllers will move into waiting position. The survey can be seen on page The value is the same as that set for the night increase value, but it is only raised if the value is positive. A sensor in the air before the evaporator: The function is used as a simple defrost start, or it may be used as a safeguard if the normal signal fails to appear.


Electronic Controls: Evaporator Controls with Thermostatic Expansion Valves – Documents

S4 limits can be set in A13 and A Fan delay — water attaches to the evaporator 15 S Alarm, light 4 1 A or rail heat Min. Code number selector 7 Documents 44 Visuals 8. Here there are alarm limits for both S3 and S4.

Copying key not correctly mounted 5: Modulo interface EKC The timer function starts when 220d1 is connected to the controller, but it is displaced the first time by the setting in d Manual control of outputs allowed r13 Night offset r15 Ther.

Regolatore per il controllo della temperatura – EKC D1. When you have changed the value, save the new value by once more pushing the middle button.

Rail heat during day operation Rail heat 202dd1 night opeation 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Communication error and timeout Sensors S3 and S4 are thermostat sensors. When the thermostat calls for refrigeration will the compressor relay be operated.

  DSE 4520 PDF

Refrigeration stopped by main switch. Flexibility has been planned both for new installations and for service in the refrigeration trade Principle The controller contains a temperature control where the signal can be received from one or two temperature sensors. The time ekkc water drips off the evaporator. Copying to EKC incorrect. Selection of thermostat sensor Here you define the sensor the thermostat is to use for its control function.

Defrost method Here you set whether defrost is to be accomplished with electricity, gas, brine or “non”. Sensor error on S5 S5 error When copying settings to or from a copying key with functions o65 or o66, the following information may appear: Now, when I am officialy citizen off EU, I am looking for 2021d job!

Electronic Controls: Evaporator Controls with Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Product Range 3 Documents Visuals 2. System Management Electronic Controls: The signal raises the normal thermostat value by a predefined amount.

I need some help on this danfoss EKC D1. The function is furthermore only relevant if you have chosen defrost with interval start d E-alarms, on the other hand, will 2021d visible the moment the error occurs.

Running times To prevent irregular operation, values can be set for the time the compressor is to run once it has been started.