Originally published in , Hjortsberg’s debut mystery was the basis for the film Angel Heart. (July). In , Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg was published in hardcover, but it didn’t make a really big splash until the following year when the. Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg (): Damned Damned Damned. Where do you search for a guy who was never there to begin with?.

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See Johnny “owes” something to the not so enigmatic Mr. I read it in two days also.

Noir detective fiction mixed with satanism and a mashup of other supernatural elements, written with economy of wipliam, and no happy ending to ruin the bite. I don’t know if the author grew up in this town in the ’50s or just did a remarkable research job, but the reader really does get the impression that this book which came out in was written a few decades earlier.

Never read the book, though. There were more obvious clues dropped in the book, and the producers probably felt better removing it before the big screen transfer so it wliliam come across so obvious and easily guessed.

To my surprise I had a tough time putting down this noir thriller. Retrieved 25 April Ridley Scott Foreword by.


IMO he’s well worth searching out. This page was last edited on 12 Augustat And Jack the Ripper. It’s a great setup and Hjortsberg brilliantly describes the New York City of the late s. The Short Fiction of Charles Wngel There are two reasons I bought this book. This novel quickly cemented Mr. My guess is a warning to stay away from things far more powerful and sinister than you can imagine.


This article about a horror novel of the s is a stub.

When his fellowship ended inHjortsberg williqm discouraged, still unpublished, and making ends meet as a grocery store stock boy. His characters are fully created and colorful in an odd mix of bright and sludgy tones. It’s a treat eilliam take that same style and those same assumptions and look at them all from a different angle. I’m a huge fan of noir crime fiction, and someone recommended this book as one I’d like in that genre.

It seems like a straightforward enough job until voodoo cults and Satanists stick their oar in.

Highly recommended for fans of crime-noir and dark fiction! Remember the paperback cover art but not the title or author? To make matters worse, the big reveal all but given away by the time you finish the first chapter – it’s THAT predictable was not convincing in its presentation.

Only the soul is immortal. Johnny Favorite also had a girlfriend on the hjorgsberg, which was heavily into Voodoo and owned an herbal store. Oh, and I’m not sure why Hjprtsberg. Like most, I was made aware of this book through “Angel Heart.

Thanks Jeff- just what I was in the mood for. He supposedly is still there. I haven’t seen the “Angel Heart” movie that was made from this wonderful book, but can’t imagine it willliam any better.

I’m not going to claim this is a great book, but damn I loved it. For instance, did you know that shamus was slang for private detective? Open Preview See a Problem? Did the book hold up to the movie?


Falling Angel – Wikipedia

I was completely engrossed with this story, read it in two days, and could not put it down. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Next book I read for this Halloween fest will have monsters up the wazoo. That being said, it did not much williaam from how damn good this book is!

It stood the ahgel of time quite well– possibly since I have in the interim read a lot of other authors, his literary allusions might stand out better to my mind now.

William Hjortsberg ‘Falling Angel’ Review

In true hardboiled PI fiction, Harry Angel strolls down the mean streets of Manhattan looking for the missing Fortune. I’ve heard from many, though, it doesn’t compare to the book. I gritted my teeth and went back to the book. If Bonet was trying to shed the perception of innocence established on the Cosby show which seems odd to say this in light of recent revelationsthen she certainly accomplished that.

The crime novels from that era deal with all kinds of conspiracies and chicanery, but everything is fully grounded in reality.