Father Arseny Priest, Prisoner, and Spiritual Father (E-book). It is one of the great mysteries of life that in atmospheres of the harshest cruelty. The stories of Father Arseny and his work in the Soviet prison camps have captured Father Arseny Priest, Prisoner, and Spiritual Father (E- book). This book has nothing as startling as the first volume of remembrances of Father Arseny (Father Arseny, Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father: Being the.

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There are glimpses of the total treachery of man in this book. In the hut life went on as normal, or rather both life and death. Arseny for arsdny second time.

Soon the only thing that could be heard in the barrack-room was the creaking of bunks and the groans of a badly wounded inmate. Each chapter is written by one of his spiritual students who describes how their spiritual journey led them to the spiritual guidance of Father Xrseny.

So it boook that in the evenings, after mess and the evening inspection, they would form small groups in their barrack-rooms and strike up conversation on a wide variety of different topics — social, religious, philosophical, technical and historical subjects, etc… Sometimes they would organise impromptu lectures on the bok, art or literature; they would hold forth on scientific subjects, or read poetry or short stories… All of this was truly impressive in the general climate of rough camp life, with its gloomy prospect of a quick death and the constant tyrannical presence of criminals.

May 30, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. After work, when they returned worn out and numb with cold, their only comfort, and their only hope of staying alive, was their meagre rations. Would it be the same beautiful book it is to me?


Arseny, who was imprisoned during the Stalin regime, and of his troubles and survival in one of the afseny Gulag camps. It is a challenge to the orderless order and wisdomless wisdom of this world, a challenge similar to that of the preaching of the Gospel. Arseny lived an inspiring life and I enjoyed reading about the faith he had during and after his time in the Soviet labor camps. Melikov regularly returned to him for consultation.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Read it again and again. Faith is a very powerful thing. The vast humility and compassion this man expressed snowballed my searches for more works about such people.

It seems that most of what the book talks about is quite true — the conditions of Russia under Stalin, the details of camp life, etc. The earliest form of Russian literature was based on Byzantine sources, and indeed the writings of the Eastern Church Fathers, which were translated into our language and proved to be the foundation of all subsequent cultural activity in Russia. Where was his boasting, arrogance and sarcasm now?

Who could dispute the worthiness of such a person and srseny life lessons his Christian life displays? And our people, who turn prayerfully to the holy icons in both their joys and sorrows, have associated them with magnificent and wondrous traditions. When the same thing happened the next day as well, things came to a head.

Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses by Father Arseny

Open Preview See a Problem? Amanda rated it it was amazing Aug 08, In he was placed in charge of a parish church, while in he was arrested and exiled to northern Russia.

Open Arsenh See a Problem? A very tall prisoner, a professor of art criticism, who, despite all the rigours aseny camp life, had managed to preserve something of his old noble and imposing demeanour, almost monopolised the discussion. This book is life changing for me.


Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses

As if by some spontaneous reaction, they struggled desperately to keep their spirits alive, to combat the melancholy and depression, to avoid going mad…. One day Sazikov tried to give him a tip.

They would lose their tempers over the slightest things, argue passionately and defend their views uncompromisingly, as if the solution to every problem depended on their opinion being accepted.

Preserve your faith, fight for individuality of thought, pray more, read the Scriptures, and God will preserve you, He will not let you lose the clarify of your thoughts, He will not let you think like the faceless mass of indifferent and cold people.

So many lessons are hidden in this book, but probably the most impactful for me was about the goodness of humanity. You should fagher it for yourself and immerse in the vivid atmosphere depicted throughout. Published March 1st by St. The waves of arrests had filled the camp huts with men from all walks of life and all kinds of educational background — army officers, clerics, scientists, actors, writers, farmers…. The second half of the book talks about other spiritual directors who helped the faithful to maintain the Faith during the years book Stalin died, Very uplifting and encouraging tale of Fr.

Lists with This Book. A prescribed way of thinking makes it difficult for a person to become a believer and makes it difficult for the believer to preserve his faith. No trivia or quizzes yet.