Producción de frijol ejotero, utilizando espalderas vivas de girasol, en los valles altos del centro de México. Edgar Jesús Morales-Rosales, Omar Franco-Mora. PRODUCTIVITY AND ADAPTATION OF STRING BEANS IN THE VALLEY OF MEXICO PRODUCTIVIDAD Y ADAPTACIÓN DEL FRIJOL EJOTERO EN EL. Resumen. DIAZ-LOPEZ, Ernesto; ESCALANTE-ESTRADA, José Alberto Salvador; RODRIGUEZ-GONZALEZ, María Teresa y GAYTAN-ACUNA, Araceli.

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Un buen inicio de un programa de manejo integrado de plagas es ajustarse a las fechas de siembra sugeridas y mantener libre de malezas al cultivo, bordos y canales, para eliminar de enfermedades, igualmente importante es monitorear las principales plagas del cultivo, con el objeto de determinar el momento de realizar las acciones de control.

Bemisia tabac y B. The drop in temperature, the photoperiod and the hydro availability reduced the number of string bean cuts of eight of the PFS and of five of the second. Phaseoulus vulgaris, Helianthus annuus, multiple crops, ejotwro assimilation rate, principal component analysis.

Frijol Ejotero

The soil in El Cerrillo is vertisol, clay-loam texture, medium nitrogen content and 6. The aim of this study was to evaluate the pod yield and yield components of two bean culti-vars sown in monoculture and combined with two sunflower cultivars, in three localities of the State of Mexico, Mexico.

Phaseolus vulgaris, planting date, string bean quality, yield, phenology. Productivity of maizebean intercropping in semi-arid region of South Africa.

The aforementioned factor contributed to the production of total biomass and grain yield of bean in this production system to be higher. Productivity and management in agricultural systems. Accepted January 18, It was therefore the objective of this research to identify varieties of string beans adapted to the Valley of Mexico with different growth habits based on their productivity and quality on two planting dates.

These results indicate that the best treatments were identified as 1, 2 and 6, with the highest pod yields 7. As there was a higher net assimilation rate, the photosynthetic efficiency in the monocultures was superior; therefore, the production of dry matter and pod yield in the pure crops was higher Ejotedo 1.


Discussion El Cerrillo As there was a higher net assimilation rate, the photosynthetic efficiency in the monocultures was superior; therefore, the production of dry matter and pod yield in the pure crops was higher Table 1. The simultaneous snap bean with sunflower sowing did not affect the phenology of the leguminous within each locality Rosales et al. Unlike the results from this study, Manu found that eiotero the maize – snap bean association, the leguminous was the dominant cultivation presenting a NAR higher that frijpl monoculture.

This fact supports friol reports by Santalla et al. La eiotero de la mosquita blanca en el cultivo de frijol se debe a su capacidad ffrijol transmitir el virus del mosaico dorado. However, the contrasts on the phenology of this species in the localities are attributed to the different mean temperatures: This variability was arranged in four categories: Two destructive samplings of three plants with full competence were made for each treatment and locality, at 30 days after sowing DAS and at harvest.

Matas de Frijol Ejotero

Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura This technique explained Abstract The aim of this study was to assess growth, net assimilation rate, biomass production and pod yield in two snap bean cultivars sown in monoculture and combined with two sunflower cultivars at three localities in the State of Mexico, Mexico. The principal component analysis was also used to study the interrelationship among the six treatments and seven variables.

No disponibles por el momento. The dominant climate in El Cerrillo is subhumid, with rains in summer; the annual precipitation is mm and the mean temperature is The superiority of treatments 1 and 2 is also attributed to their outstanding result in LAI 2.

Las ninfas de esta especie son de color oscuro, con cuatro hileras de muy bien definidas manchas blancas en el abdomen. Introduction to plant physiology. Frijol, plagas y enfermedades 15 julio, Frijol 4 Comentarios 25, Vistas.

Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura

Biomass and seed yield of common bean vrijol sole crop and intercrop. The foliar area was measured in each sampling in cm 2 with a foliar area integrator Li-cor and the leaf area index LAI was estimated, according to the descriptions by Hopkins and Huner Statistical analysis The analyses of variance ANOVA were made for each locality and for each variable with a randomized block design in factorial arrangement. Data collection and measurements.


Snap bean has pods with a thick and succulent mesocarp and a reduced or null amount of fibers on walls and sutures. In the high valleys of Central Mexico, this vegetable is produced with the use of trellises or tuteur metal structures, wooden poles, etc. Journal Agronomy and Crop Sciences Los adultos de mosca blanca miden 1. Thesis Master of Sciences. Biomasa y rendimiento de frijol con potencial friiol en ejoetro y asociado con girasol.

String beans a vegetable of high nutritional quality and there is a tendency in Mexico to increase its consumption. In parallel, when two plants grow and develop simultaneously, a relation of competition for the agricultural resources may be determined between the crops composing the association; the sunflower crop in this locality reduced the pod yields of the snap bean cultivation.

Frijoo sowing, established under dryland conditions, was carried out on May 22 and 30, and June 2, El Cerrillo, Monte-cillo and Tenancingo, respectively. The frijoo x sowing system interaction Table 3 shows that the cv. The pure crop presented the maximum values in TB Tenancingo is characterized by an-dosols soils of volcanic origin with sandy-loam texture and acid pH 6.

Therefore, the biomass production and pod yield were higher in comparison to the cv. However, when this cultivar was associated with sunflower ‘Sunbright’, the values reached in Fijol The lower NAR observed in the associated sowing systems resulted in a lower production of dry matter and pod yield Table 2.

Universidad y Ciencia An experiment with 36 varieties of beans 31 had a determined growth habit while 5 had an undetermined was established on May 21 and June 15, in Texcoco, in the state of Mexico.

In addition to little fiber, the snap bean varieties have other morphological and culinary features differentiating the species.