La Galaxia Gutenberg. Front Cover. Marshall McLuhan. Círculo de La Galaxia Gutenberg: Génesis Del Homo Typographicus · Marshall McLuhan. No preview. La galaxia Gutenberg: génesis del “Homo typographicus”. Front Cover. Marshall McLuhan. Planeta-Agostini, – pages. Galaxia Gutenberg (Romanian Edition) [Marshall Mcluhan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lectura obligatorie pentru toti care locuiesc in.

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The chairman of the selection committee was McLuhan’s colleague at the University of Toronto and oftentime intellectual sparring partner, Northrop Frye.

The main concept of McLuhan’s argument later elaborated upon in The Medium is the Massage is that new technologies like alphabets, printing presses, and even speech itself exert a gravitational effect on cognition, which in turn affects social organization: Dans la Galaxie de Gutenberg Marshall McLuhan presente sa grande these que ce n’est pas le contenu du message mais son medium presse ecrite, television, radio, etc.

Because of the work’s provenance pres of the last century, it is easy to situate its cultural milieu to just before the gutenbeg experiments of the youth generation of the time, where organization man with reference to the work of Peter Drucker was under protest in the counter-culture that followed, some aspects of which are still with us today, certainly in the West and in various forms manifesting in the tapping of a collective consciousness.

Written by a Canadian scholar and published by the University of Toronto Press. Print is the technology of individualism.

Dans ce livre McLuhan essaie de demontrer que l’invention de la presse par Gutenberg a donne naissance au rationalisme, au dualisme, a la standardisation, et a l’uniformisation culturelle a l’echelle planetaire.

The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man

And he had a bit role in “Annie Hall”. Sometimes McLuhan sounds like he’s simply wandered off on some flight of fancy, and his tendency to being in Shakespeare, Milton, or Blake mclugan proof of his assertions “Here in King Lear you can see how Shakespeare was discussing the ways in which print liquifies our sense of geographical and personal boundaries!

The transition from this oral culture takes place when the child is taught to read and write. For instance, McLuhan contrasts the considerable alarm and revulsion that the growing quantity of books aroused in the latter seventeenth century with the modern concern for the “end of the book.


This article has multiple issues. If men decided gutenbery modify this visual technology by an electric technology, individualism would also be modified. An astonishing book, a dry one, about the effects of the Gutenberg press, a device that shocked the church, brought about new religions, started wars and changed the human race.


La galaxia Gutenberg

This book helped me see a marsuall of my assumptions about the way the world is based on print culture, and helped me appreciate some seemingly silly Internet trends as more meaningful as new ways of thinking and communicating. No lo recomiendo, pero me Review completo en: But as McLuhan went on, I grew bored of his sorting things into whatever category justified his previous argument, however little sense it made.

Seems like all of McLuhan could be seen as one long piece though. In this new age, humankind will move from individualism and fragmentation to a collective identity, with a “tribal base.

The Technologizing of the Word. One thing I did find interesting is that, contrary to what Nicholas Ostler said about how writing systems have never changed speech patterns, McLuhan states directly, “writing affects speech directly, not only in its accidence and syntax, but also its enunciation and social uses.

The moral valence of technology’s effects on cognition is, for McLuhan, a matter of perspective. This article contains too many or too-lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. Lots of great ideas about antique perspectives. I’d warn you against the italian translation: Mclugan helped establish Marshall McLuhan as the original ‘media guru.

Marshall McLuhan, the guru of The Gutenberg Galaxyrecommends that the browser turn to page 69 of any book and read it. In schools or at home or in the street, where children are taught to learn by heart, to memorize, nursery rhymes or poems or songs, then they can be galxaia to participate in the oral tradition.

The Gutenberg Galaxy – Wikipedia

McLuhan’s work is viewed as one of the cornerstones of the study of media theory. Associated with this epoch is the Art of memory in Latin Ars Memoriae. Published March 1st by University of Toronto Press first published At mccluhan point, having read a good chunk of McLuhan over the years, I have yet to run across anything of his that isn’t five star.

I grew up with parents who quoted “the medium is the message” and used it as part of our answering machine message, but never read any McLuhan till this one. It is a problem, but not a moral problem; and it would be nice to clear away some of galasia moral fogs that surround our technologies.


McLuhan is fun and has a distinctive way of writing theory that I wish more people had copied. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Print is the technology of individualism. In other words, mmcluhan is galzxia of the ages of man in Shakespeare’s sense and is essentially an oral tribal culture. It sometimes felt like I was reading the most enjoyable annotated bibliography ever, or a medieval text with glosses and super-glosses.

Msrshall by Galaxia Gutenberg first published Should be read with Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy: The takeaway for me was that text is itself a technology – and that the method of communication is indeed equally important to the semantic meaning of the message itself. This book takes a very broad approach on how the printing press changed the way we communicate, and I agree with the author and the scholars he quotes in that the printing press had far-reaching effects on galaxiq world. Got me into don quixote.

Here’s the guy who predicted again, in jcluhan ’60s that color TV would have a great impact on sports viewing, in particular snow-related activities galaaxia are more visceral X-Games, anyone? I love how this book is divided into sections on the different effects the printing press had on society; that makes it far easier to find information for research. While it mmarshall reductionist at points setting up a number of not-necessarily-true binary oppositionsit seems to pretty much “get it right.

Oct 20, Theresa Macphail rated it liked it Shelves: And when I say extensive I mean both in number and in size. McLuhan also introduces a number of idiosyncratic terms which he doesn’t bother to define.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Jul 16, Josh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sigur, se vorbeste in cadru general, dar trebuie luat aminte la aceasta tendinta si controlata, fara a fi impusa, cu o diplomatie ghidata de interesul benefic al formarii oamenilor isteti, ale caror cunostinte si deprinderi sa poata face din ei indivizii autonomi care se insereaza la locurile lor si-ntr-o etica si o societate profesionala a viitorului care sa se bazeze pe principiile lor sanatoase pentru a facilita mersul viitorului societatii.