Soma Technology offers Used and refurbished GE Datex Ohmeda Aisys Anesthesia Machine with large-panel displays are mounted on a movable arm with. agents and employees of GE Healthcare of other parties expressly licensed by GE. materials provided with the Aisys CS? for specifications, operating. DRE sources and refurbishes GE Aisys Carestation anesthesia machines. These Datex-Ohmeda units are modular, upgradeable, and is a recent addition to.

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Pressure Control Ventilation A pressure limited time-cycled mode of positive pressure ventilation characterized by a rapid rise to peak pressure. Automated control of end-tidal inhalation anaesthetic concentration using the GE Aisys Carestation S. Cost capture and improved efficiencies.

Aisys CS² | GE Healthcare

Features inch color display with intuitive touchscreen technology. Aisys CS 2 is a technologically sophisticated class of digital Carestation that also manages to be intuitive to the touch. Shop All Telemetry Systems. With increasing economic challenges, Et Control provides a tool to deliver low-flow anesthesia in a safer and controlled way, minimizing fresh gas and anesthetic agent usage, with a positive impact on costs.

Shop All Surgical Lights. Rising multi-breath bellows provide a visual feedback mechanism for the patient condition. Illuminated workspace can be adjusted for a variety of care settings. Robust design available with three or four drawers. Patient display is mounted on a moveable arm with complete rotation for clear viewing in countless positions. The advanced digital features built into the Aisys CS 2 were designed to work together to make your workflow easier.

Low-cost integration – CARESCAPE modular monitors have been designed to leverage your existing monitoring network without the cost and disruption of a full system replacement. Supports horizontal and vertical mounting displays. And fe here today. It is more than a solution. Advancements in digital technology are ausys a new era of brilliant machines at GE.


Aisys CS 2 also arms you with lung protection resources like configured automated lung ventilation maneuvres, such as the Vital Capacity and Cycling procedures and Compliance trending Advanced and sustainable. We have incorporated innovative features to help you provide the personalized care your patients deserve.

Refurbished – GE Aisys CS2 Anesthesia Machine

Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation with pressure control volume guaranteed SIMV PCV-VG delivers a set rate of pressure controlled breaths with a guaranteed volume to the patient. Data capabilities enable digital interfacing of patient and Carestation information. Aisya agent control provides data record keeping of set agent concentrations and usage calculations along with audible low agent alarm alerts.

The INview system places critical information and controls in view and within reach. Intuitive user interface blends seamlessly into existing workflows. We analyzed countless Carestation data logs, reviewing keystrokes and menu interactions to design an intuitive user interface that truly fits the way you work.

PCV-VG delivers a consistent tidal volume with all the benefits of Pressure Control Gr and helps to ensure patients receive the same volume regardless of compliance changes. Inside anesthesia breathing circuits: Clinicians can be confident that the information displayed is actually measured—not estimated.

Aisys CS² with End tidal Control (EtC)**

Flexible SmartVent technology is suitable for neonates, pediatric, cardiac compromised, and standard cases. Take personalized patient care to a new level with the Aisys Carestation. See also Carestation Insights at the end of this page.

Tunnelling Alarms guide the clinician to address alarms with a single touchPause gas flow to suspend FGF and agent delivery to help prevent OR pollution during intentional breathing circuit disconnection e. With timesaving quick pick choices, flat menus and tunneling alarms, the Aisys CS 2 can help you deliver precise care with a personal touch every day. Advanced Breathing System Our fast wash-in, wash-out te help anaesthesists perform efficiently and economically.


Advanced Breathing system designed for low flow anesthesia: FDA Products may not be commercially available in all countries. Wide range of ventilation modes offered: Using less agent means spending less money, which can have a positive impact on your bottom line and the environment when waste gases are reduced. Whether you practice inhalational anaesthesia, intravenous anaesthesia or regional xisys, it is important to optimize the delivery of the volatile, hypnotic, and opiate drugs to the patient.

Pause Gas feature, which simplifies temporary circuit disconnects.

With timesaving quick picks, flatter menus and tunneling alarms, you can directly make adjustments like oxygen and flow aizys with one touch. Three or four-drawer options. CARESCAPE TM modular monitors can help you adapt to aisy patient’s needs, helping you improve patient flow, better manage staff workload, and deliver consistent quality care across the perioperative environment.

A pressure limited time-cycled mode of positive pressure ventilation characterized by a rapid rise to peak pressure. This level of precision significantly reduces potential over-delivery of agents.

Pressure support can be used to support the spontaneous breaths.