Gently Falls the Bakula [Sudha Murty] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What is more important: a successful career or a happy marriage?. Shrimati and Shrikant are neighbours, whose families don’t get along too well. A tree of Bakula (a fragrant flower) seperates the two homes. Gently falls the Bakula is the story of Shrikant and Shrimati who belong to two hostile communities but fall in love with each other despite all.

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I often wondered if one reason he ‘fell’ for her was so that he could show himself that no matter how many times she beat fhe in school, ultimately she is completely dependent on him, and a simple housewife while he has advanced to the one of the highest steps on the ladder.

It is in the shade of the Bakula tree that the youngsters fall in love. Her life is empty.

Book review : Gently falls the bakula

You would think that she would divert her attention to other things right? That makes me feel very uneducated since both she and her husband N. A beautiful love story that has NO happy ending. Overall, I liked the book, though I was peeved by the characters.

We think our opinions matter the most and we tend to ignore the softer feelings of the person whom we want so much. There is nothing like power.


The story is simple, follows a single plot and focuses on the two main characters only. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Will the couple find a way to mend their relationship or will they go on as they are, with Shrikant using his wife like a secretary and Shrimati finding herself unsatisfied and unstimulated in her role as the ‘corporate leader’s wife’?

Gently Falls the Bakula by Sudha Murty

Though Indian society is changing, antiquated thoughts still exist in the older generation. The bakula flowers are the attachments to her love letters, carrying the symbolic meaning that the fragrance of their love will never go away.

But her submissiveness made Shrikant to take her for granted. The Bakula tree is the sole witness of their love. When he lost finer ralls, she lost him and was left only with history. One of the key feature of Sudha Murthy’s book is easy language, even gemtly new reader can flow with the novel. The open ending is quite appropriate here, but still I would like to assume that at one point of time they again met and lived with each other happily!!

I felt She was too submissive than needed. In this book, the way she uses gnetly Bakula flower to convey such intense emotions is nothing if not beautiful. Feb 19, Sadaf rated it really liked it. But with success comes a high price.


Like Liked by 3 people. Hope you can vently out mine too — http: The story is written making use of straightforward language and simple, uncomplicated words.

Jun 15, Subramanyam K. You are commenting using your WordPress. We often take human relations for granted and forget that they require nurture, care, time, and love just like a business. I’m not very fond of the characters. Not by just one but, both the participants are needed to make a relationship like marriage, successful. And, the historic story of sage Bhamati that Shrimati narrates to Shrikant proves to be bakuula prophetic.

Srimati had a fapls love for history whereas all what mattered to srikant was constant progress. Gently Falls the Bakula is the story of a marriage that loses its way as ambition and self-interest take their toll.

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