How We Advertised America [George Creel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Is A New Release Of The Original Edition. How we advertised America; the first telling of the amazing story of the Committee on the gospel of Americanism to every corner of the globe, by George Creel. From George Creel, How We Advertised America (Macmillan, ), pp. [ Journalist George Creel, who oversaw the Committee on Public Information during.

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Adding to the anxiety occasioned, a cable came from Admiral Gleaves in command of the transports, telling of attacks by submarines, their repulse, and the certain georte of one U-boat. Modern readers should welcome the opportunity to creeo about propaganda, from the perspective of a delighted propagandist, as written in a pre-Goebbels age.

It gathered together the leading novelists, essayists, and publicists of the land, and these men and women, without payment, worked faithfully in the production of brilliant, comprehensive articles that went to the press as syndicate features. The Senate ignored the report, and the press, almost without exception, chopped it to pieces and printed it, obscurely, as the “last chapter in an unfortunate incident.

The Department of State considers it dangerous and of service to the enemy to discuss differences of opinion between the Allies and difficulties with neutral countries. Aside from the physical difficulties of enforce- ment, the enormous cost, georeg the overwhelming irritation involved, I had the conviction that our hope must lie in the aroused patriotism of the newspaper men of America.

What had to be driven home was that all business was the nation’s business, and every task a common task for a single purpose. With every correspondent in Washington panting for the release, and with wires cleared for the sending, there was not time for word-picking and word-shading, even had the emotions of the moment not precluded all thought cdeel “style” and meticulous phrasing.

Georg are no discussion topics on this book yet. Troop-trains moved, transports sailed, ships arrived and departed, in- ventions georgs protected, and military plans advanced, all behind a wall of concealment built upon the honor of the press and the faith of the individual editor.

Unlike other countries, the United States had no sub- sidized press service with which to meet the emergency. I was always inclined to give Senator Lodge the benefit of the doubt, crediting him with ignorance rather than dishonesty. Reed and Johnson contented themselves with daily abuse, but Watson was more thorough. The number of pictures reviewed amrica seven hundred a day.

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Some thirty- odd booklets, covering every phase of America’s ideals, purposes, and aims, were printed in many languages other than English. This fault was freely admitted by us, and the four pictures adfertised withdrawn.

It organized and directed twenty-three americaa and leagues designed to appeal to certain georg and particular foreign-language groups, each body carrying a specific message of unity and enthusiasm to its section of America’s adopted peoples. A world that was either inimical, contemptuous, or indif- ferent was changed into a world of friends and well-wishers.

The Secretaries of State, War, and the Navy had each been asked to give his views, and those that came from the office of Mr.

I think it was sent out by George Creel. Even though a month of lying had worked grave injury to American morale, it seemed a certainty that the publication of the report would remedy the evil in great degree. Paragraph 13 deals exclusively with a recommendation as to the best methods to be employed in the future for the purpose of saving life.

Creel’s idea, and it was certainly a great contribution to the mobilization xiii FOREWORD of the mental forces of America, to have, in lieu of a Com- mittee on Censorship, a Committee on Public Information for the production and dissemination as widely as possible of the truth about America’s participation in the war.

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George Creel, How We Advertised America,

Photographs conveying the information speci- fied above should not be published. Gme marked it as to-read Dec 06, The protection of information belonging to friendly countries is most important.

Changed course 90 to left and went to torpedo-defense stations. Although disproved fully, the falsehood persisted to our hurt and discredit, and even to this day there are people honestly of the opinion that the initial troop-ships had a “safe and un- eventful voyage. This must be clearly differentiated from the problem of keeping dangerous news from the enemy.

It is georve picture that will be of incalculable value in our future dealings with the world, political and commercial.

The Johnson wattles swelled and reddened to a state of chronic inflam- mation as far as I was concerned, and my assumption of public office gave him the chance for which he had been waiting. This was at 11 A. Moreover, the Gleaves cable gave the names of the ships, set down latitude and longitude, and furnished other information of equal value to the enemy.


Even so, you had the name in the Associated Press despatches with full permission to use it. It was this liquidation that Congress desired to interrupt and confuse.

Here are the facts: With regard to Secretary Daniels’s statement of encounter with submarines, any doubt you may have had as of its accuracy should have been dispelled by a careful reading of your own paper.

Nothing, it seemed to me, was more dangerous, for people did not need less criticism in tune of war, but more. Public confidence in them was more important than public confidence in the Committee, and if, by accepting the role of scapegoat, we were able to guard executives from the delays of harassment, it seemed a service. Further, on the word of one Woodhouse, editor of a flying-paper, Reed charged that the Committee had deliberately attempted to make it appear that these “penguins” were battle-‘planes.

Alex Blom rated it really liked it Jan 03, As a matter of fact, the charges were not made by me, but by others, and I recited them merely in order to disapprove them. America got his information were aware of the fact that the Secretary had given out a statement. Censorship laws, too, even though they protest that the protection of military secrets is their one original object, have a way of slipping over into the field of opinion, for arbitrary power grows by what it feeds on.

V, United States Navy, was in personal charge of the firing and reports that he saw, with all the gun crews creeo lookouts aft, the submarine fire two torpedoes toward the direc- tion of the convoy, which sheered off from base course to right 90 when alarm creep sounded.

A total of 1, drawings was used. I would not have it believed, however, that we sought, by our course, to conceal dishonesty or to protect bad faith.