Dive deep into T. S. Eliot’s Gerontion with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. About T S Eliot. Thomas Stearns Eliot (T S Eliot) was born in in Boston, United States. However, he had his roots in Old and New England. standing “Gerontion,” the most important poem Eliot wrote be- tween “The Love Song .. The following analysis of the structure of “Gerontion” is based upon the .

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Gerontion – Wikipedia

Gerontion’s mind shifts continually between his present situation and his past memories. But the poem provides no continuing determinate scene or narrative within which such lines can confidently be placed, though there are sporadic indications of possible scenes and narratives. Firstly, there is a fusion of individual humans and humanity. It is the spring, which stirs the aged Gerontion into his monologue.

History is the whirlwind, for history is of the world, and history like the world destroys all that dares the test of matter and time.

By contrast, here the overt statements about history constitute a critique of civilization. Analyis to the foreshadowing, the poem starts with an old man being read to by a boy.

In the second stanza of “Gerontion,” Eliot’s use of Andrewes’s sermon superimposes this more inclusive house of Israel, the Christian Church. The poem starts with a foreshadowing. You might also like More from author.

Most of Christ’s career was devoted to giving signs to these professors of law and religion; but whenever a sign was given, the proud but unperceiving anaysis took it for a wonder and, ironically, resumed their campaign for a sign. From Modernist Poetics of History: James Longenbach argues that these lines show that Gerontion is unable to extract the spiritual meaning of the Biblical text because he is unable to understand analusis in a spiritual sense: The history of western man is paralleled by Gerontion.


Eliot presentation by Bethany Jones.

Pound, Eliot, and the Sense of the Past. Think Neither fear nor courage saves us.

TS Eliot analysis ‘Gerontion’ (1920).

Auden Poems Everyone Should Read. In Eliot’s doctoral dissertation, later published as Knowledge and Experience in the Philosophy of F. Notify me of new posts by email.

Summary and Analysis Analusis at the Window: This poem helps to point up the continuity of Eliot’s thinking, for Gerontion is a Fisher King figure without the framework of the myth.

Summary and Analysis of Gerontion by T S Eliot – Beaming Notes

Benson’s life of Fitzgerald supplies the main setting, the “waiting for rain”, the boy, the blindness, even the housekeeper making tea. There is a real kingship between Gerontion and Tiresias.

He thinks of history as a system of corridors ingeniously contrived to confuse and finally to corrupt the human race. This geontion is crucial to understand “Gerontion,” for it identifies the curse that has brought all these houses Greek, Jewish, Christian to ruin; this curse is a mentality that isolates intelligence from passion and from belief.

The poem itself is a dramatic monologue by an elderly character that critics believe to be an older version of ” J. In context, the passage says almost the opposite.


Protagonist The chief actor in any literary work. And Christ referred to his own body in just these terms in analyxis text alluded to by both Andrewes and Eliot John 2: The beauty of the poem lies in the way Eliot has so boldly used his source material. To them the ritual meal is no “communion” but a cannibal “dividing.

The mind of the Gerontipn is this new house, and it is in certain ways analogous to the mind of Gerontion.

Interesting Literature

The Bible frequently describes the body of Christ as a temple. Cambridge University Press p. Published by Evelyn McBride Modified over 2 years ago. In that stanza he remembers a former mistress and regrets that he no longer has the ability to interact with her on a physical level. Gerontion’s understanding of history is a rationalization of his own inability to act or feel.

There is a blackness and bleakness of the soul, unlike the self-mocking failure of middle-aged Prufrock. Spring both stirs lust and answers lust. Lured by modernism, they covered the truth with darkness, taking only some of it with them and interpreting it as they gerontiln.