Former Goldman Sachs Vice President Lisa Endlich draws on an insider’s knowledge to bring to life this unique company and the most stunning. Goldman Sachs, in most years the most profitable investment bank in the country, Lisa Endlich, Author Alfred A. Knopf $30 (p) ISBN Luckily, Lisa Endlich opens this mystery in her book Goldman Sachs – The Culture of Success. Endlich explains the history of the firm from the.

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About a hundred years ago, a private firm was built, and then it was passed on generation by generation while it became stronger and stronger as a result of its leaders wisely operating.

Its four divisions — equities stock tradinginvestment banking, fixed income bond tradingand J. They really wanted to build long-term, lasting customer relationships. I read this right before joining Goldman Sachs in the summer of to get to know a bit of history on the company.

Goldman Sachs : the culture of success / Lisa Endlich – Details – Trove

It takes great risks and it has also suffered from bad reputation in some cases. Culture and Demography in Organizations J.

They are not an overly creative or entrepreneurial organization–but what they do they do better than anyone much like Ohio State football is about excellence over dynamic playbook design.

He told me this fhe give me a glimpse of what life is like at Goldman Sachs.


The pride in some cases bordering on hubris is still there. Books by Lisa Endlich. The management committee members had been lobbying their partners, trying to line up support before the meeting.

Goldman Sachs: The Culture of Success

You get an inside look into the board meetings and what was going through the partners’ heads during this major event in the company’s life. Most members of the management committee spoke, but when Rubin and Friedman, who were already widely regarded as heirs apparent, stood to present their vision of the future, everyone listened more closely. Endlich tells the story of the highly successful investment bank Goldman Sachs, from its beginnings in to the point last summer when the company was on the verge of going public NB: This book mainly narrates the history of the Goldman Sachs and how it became a public company.

Partners felt free to call ednlich other whenever they needed to know something about another”s business.

Goldman Sachs: The Culture Of Success – Lisa Endlich – Google Books

All in all, Endlich does a pretty decent job of capturing the cultural evolution at Goldman Sachs. Are Goldman Sachs untouchable? Goldman Sachs rule the world. Still I enjoyed the book enough the first time lida give it another read.

Goldman Sachs: The Culture Of Success

Pride for ones homeland being the primary factor for what is important to Hitler. Nowadays it’s a global market leader in many fields of finance. Aug 26, Daniel Clausen rated it really liked it. Thirty years earlier, Weinberg”s own father, the legendary Sidney Weinberg, had issued him the same invitation. Endlich Limited preview – It would be the first time the idea was shot down.


The all-white, all-male partnership had invited into its ranks the first African American and the first woman in its history. For the hundred or so in “the zone,” the inside term for those actually in contention, everything was at stake — prestige, sucvess, riches. These 3 locations in All: She brings us through all the agonizing hardships and gives a pretty interesting inside look into the leaders at the time.

There isn’t as much focus on the technical financial workings of Goldman Sachs, a few figures are quoted here and there. Dec 03, Yosaggregator2 added it. The book details high risk strategies undertaken to accumulate extraordinary wealth for a few. What cilture you think how much the Japanese yen against the US dollar is good for Japanese society?

Weinberg, the venerable senior partner of Goldman Sachs, had a long list of phone calls to make. Aug 15, Erin rated it it was ok.