Han Jian was appointed chief coach of the Badminton Academy of hold of his book “Basic Skills of BADMINTON’, which he co-authored with. Basic Skills of Badminton [Ooi Lay Beng Han Jian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Prepared for the Royal Navy in association with the Badminton. Association of movements of all the basic skills e.g. serve, return of serve, overhead shot.

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Try not to come to a complete stop. Roll the racket about 30 degrees anti-clockwise so that the V between the thumb and index finger move towards the left side of the racket. Lunge forward with your right leg. Never stand flat-footed or with your legs straight. Body must point in the direction you want to go while your legs must be positioned in the opposite direction in order to push you forward 6. Keep your knees bent to enable you to move off at an instant 9.

Stay on your toes or on the balls of your feet. I must say he is an exception and many of China’s aspirants receive their training at about half that bqsic nowadays.

Han Jian is a great player. Without wristwork, your game would become plain and predictable. Shuffle, move your feet, skip or dance lightly on your feet depending on the skillls on the court as you wait for your opponent’s return.


In badminton, you must always try to stay on you toes or on the balls of your feet and not come to hadminton complete stop. EntrepreneurModern Nomad Location: But he is a good example for those who start later because of circumstances.

Learn Badminton Basics from Han Jian

He helped Malaysia reached the finals of the Thomas Cup in and won it back in He was playing the then Indonesian champion Icuk Sugiato, who was world champion inand Malaysia’s Misbun Sidek.

I understand it is a great book.

Finding the right book on the Internet means you should take one thing into caution. Malaysian Citizen of the World.

Misbun Sidek with his different colour socks on each foot was also a comtemporary of Han Jian. I think that’s where I get the concept of ‘destroying balance’ to move around the court.

Basic Skills of Badminton – Han Jian – Google Books

The buttof the racket should not jut out from your hand Place your left index finger on top of the handle and place your right hand on the handle to form the V groove Grip your racket handle with your last three fingers followed by your thumb and forefinger.

Jan 5, Messages: His people took down my name and address in Hong Kong, promising to translate it into English and then sending it over to me. Movements are short, explosive, multi-direction, varied in pace and mostly sideways 2.


Nov 16, Messages: Yes, my password is: Many of the drills that are included in this e book are used and practiced by professional badminton players and written in conjunction with Andrew Chang making Sure Fire Badminton Drills a great piece of knowledge to own. First of all you need to remember to be specific, are you looking for a general informational book on badminton, do you need badminton drills, education on championships and tournament winners.

This is also a good book, although a few years old, it has pictures, instruction and can be used over and over again whether you are a beginner or an advanced player.

Badminton Books

Do you already have an account? Your name or email address: A poor grip will result in you using more arm and shoulder movements to execute your strokes instead of using your wrist. Punch Gunalan, who is a member of the IBF Council and who was a Malaysian champion himself during his playing days, considers Baisc Jian’s footwork as his strong point and no doubt we can learn this from his e-lessons.

Mar 6, Messages: To move fast, a player has to lose his balance fast and recover it just as quickly.