I, Strahd has ratings and reviews. Edmund said: This book should be called, What if Dracula won and was a Total Badass! What I learned from t. Read I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire (Ravenloft #7) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire is a. To win the hand of the beautiful Tatyana, Strahd Von Zarovich, the ruthless leader of the darklords, will do anything, even enter a pact with Death that must be.

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There is no depth, no background, no ‘history’. Yet I had strayed from the Ravenloft books for years because I imagined them to be something different.

Read I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire online free by P.N. Elrod |

The way that things are described almost shouted out things to come. The two brothers eventually fall in love with the same young girl and because Strahd is so m I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. May 12, Anna rated it it was ok Shelves: It could have been that the story was being told in a very unique first person perspective.

Curse of Strahd fans do well to read it as a oc of sorts for a more sympathetic and human Vwmpire, for depth in the world they are to z so much passion in, and for a good book in general that they won’t regret, but I might be a touch generous with this book. The Memoirs of a Vampire Ravenloft 7 by P.


The Memoirs of a Vampire

This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat While an obviously evil character in the first Ravenloft novel, Vampire of the Mists by Christie Golden, it’s wonderful to see another side of Strahd.

The Memoirs of a Vampirearmy commander Strahd Von Zarovich takes up residence in Ravenloft and then, consumed by envy and regret for lost youth, succumbs to the temptations of the black arts. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: After you do get used to it, it becomes a fast paced and exciting read.

The modern audience hasn’t had a chance to truly appreciate the unknowing dread that readers would have felt when reading Bram Stoker’s original manuscript.

The intensity of the characters, the building of the story made me stay with it and waiting for the next part.

As you can tell by my writing prowess, I didn’t get that English degree for nothing! As it sets the stage for the true depth of his cursed despair, though, even that is a forgivable literary device.

Chronicles, Book 1 By: Mass Market Paperbackstrand. Access points to the ship’s controls are sealed, the systems that guide her automated and out of reach. Strahd’s personality changes surprisingly little, remaining mostly in the realm of Grumpy Old Man with overlays of Emo Teen, occasionally punctuated with vampiric animal kinship oddly reminiscent of Disney.


Like I said tge a bad book but nothing that really stands out in the genre. Apr 21, Echo rated it really liked it Shelves: Challenge Unbound Deathlord, Book 1 By: As things stand, I instead found it at a used bookstore how fitting!

The Cadian Gate is broken, and the Imperium is riven in two. Oct 15, Andi rated it liked it. This is also the first I, Strahd novel with the second novel called I, Strahd: No trivia or quizzes yet. Now they are together again, though each holds secrets from the others in his heart. Paul Boehmer does a great job with the narration. Paul Boehmer’s strand voice is on point! He is the protagonist in this one, and it is a winner. I can safely say that this one will go back to the used book store with no hard feelings.

There was a character I really enjoyed who appeared in the campaign we played that died incredibly fast. It’s pretty much a classic Vampire story, with it’s Gothic tragic style. It moves along quickly, more drama than neck-biting.

It was also surprising to see that Strahd is a very honor-bond character and not some ruthless, heartless killer.