This is an overview of the Kdenlive video editor. It shows When experimenting with the concept of making Linux tutorial and review videos. covers the installation and launch of the open source video editing software Kdenlive, with an in-depth look at what it can do. introduces the open source video editing software, Kdenlive, highlighting its capabilities in effects and transitions.

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For the purpose of this Quickstart guide, and in order to show you the basic Kdenlive functionalities, we’ll work with two of your clips, adding a title at the beginning, a video transition between them and a video effect to a part of one clip. It is all about calculating the ideal sizes for the animation frames, the transition frames, and the initial positions of all the moving parts.

In a comparison test, we checked out nine free video editing programs: Click on “Generate DVD” to do so.

Tutorials | Kdenlive

With this option only the clip in the current track will be split. The width and height you want for the resulting transition frames e. This quick start guide will take you from start to finish of making your own video. To better control this overlap you can change the timeline zoom using the viewer thtorial.

You can then edit the clip from the timeline. Next, you want to make the mask grow until it completely covers the first clip and, thus, completes the transition to the second clip.

Your added clips will now appear in the project list, along with their duration and a few other pieces of information like a thumbnail. Note the drop down selector that allows you to show on the video, audio or custom effects.

Simply move the mouse cursor to the beginning or end of the clip you want to resize.

Once done, click on the title clip and press the right mouse button. You have kdnlive title clip in track 0 with a crossfade transition between it and the other clip in track 1. You have to prepare for that, so the proto-frames are as wide as you tell them to be, but also with double the width of the widest animation frame added to the width.


You can do so in two ways:. This tells Kdenlive how you want to combine your image with the clip under it.

A yellow bar will appear between the clips in tracks 0 and 1 indicating your transition has been added to the project. This will create a new keyframe at the centisecond position.

Tutoriap you place another keyframe further down the timeline, select it, and make the mask’s opacity percent. You can turn this behaviour on and off using the “Snap to” icons: To do so, select the “Effect Stack” tab in the Project Panel. Although that was fun, it required some serious and not too intuitive FFmpeg-fu to pull off.


Here, you insert the animation frame in its correct position for each transition frame line 41 and create a chroma frame in case you need it by filling the empty area to the right of the animation frame with the chroma color line A message will appear telling you to continue working while the video is generated. And behind the “Parameters” tab, you’ll notice another one titled “Keyframes”. There are some ways to remove a clip from the timeline. Transitions are normally used to smoothly change from one clip to another or tutorila one scene to another.

This will make your mask fade in. It might even be pushed completely outside the frame.

Kdenlive/Quickstart – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

As the Crossfade is an easy transition, the only parameters you can change are the transition direction tutorlal the track where it applies. You can add video clips, sound clips, and other fancy stuffs to the tracks.

One to Track 1 and the other to Track 2. This will ensure any leftover bits from the first clip will have disappeared completely and gracefully by the end of your custom transition. We are going now to add a transition between two clips. Then press the right mouse button and in the context menu select option Razor Clip. Views Read Edit View history.


You can split all clips at that position selecting the option Razor All Clips in the edit menu. Place a tutoriap keyframe about five centiseconds from the end, make sure your timeline cursor is on the keyframe the head of the arrow will be red instead of whiteand change the mask’s size to cover the tutoial frame.

Effects are ways to change your original clip. Move the cursor a little to the left or a little to the right until you find a spot that will accept a keyframe. Kdenlice set up your transition in Kdenlive, you’ll need four video tracks: Third tab is the Transition tab. The Clip monitor is used to preview clips, and to select a section of a clip to add to the timeline.

Say, for example, you want a mask to go from completely invisible to completely visible. Select the Project List tab on the project pane, and then click on the “Add clip” icon in the top right to kdenlivw up the context menu. The loop that runs from lines 21 to 29 finds the width of the widest animation frame. The selected zone between the in and out point will thtorial appear there as a clip to be more precise, a subclip as we’ve selected only a part of the original clip. Test this on an empty timeline, should be clear.

Tutorials – Kdenlive and ImageMagick

Here is a breakdown of how that line works:. To draw a box. You can recenter your mask in the red rectangle by dragging its center over to the visible frame’s center.