Visit us on the web at for more information: • Price Quotations • Drivers· Technical Specifications. Manuals and Documentation . Model System DMM Instruction Manual Rev. D. Manual Type: Primary User; Part Number: D. Release Date: Sep 17 View and Download Keithley DMM instruction manual online. 5 function autoranging digital multimeter. DMM Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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The serial polling sequence can also be used by the controller to determine which instrument on the bus has asserted SRQ Service Request. Makes a normal resistance measurement of the device.

The instrument will power up in the V DC range. User selected limits will be stored in the Model until power is turned off unless saved Program When the data store is full. Table lists and briefly describes the available front panel programs. Perform the following procedure to set HI and LO limits: The following prompt will be displayed. Place the instrument in the appropriate trigger mode: T Keeithley — The ability of the Model to send data over the bus to other keithlley is defined by the T function.

The current B value will now be displayed. Readings may be sent with or without prefixes.

196 System DMM Instruction Manual | Keithley

Prefixes are the mnemonics preceding the reading and ieithley butf er memory location. Once a baseline is established for a measurement function, that stored level will be the same regardless of what range the Model is on. LrJ Input Terminals— The rear panel input terminals per- form the same functions as the front panel input terminals.

Interruption of the circuit is unnecessary.

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Disabling zero cancels the zero baseline value on that selected function. A card- board box around the circuit under test also helps by minimizing air currents. Instead of the more difficult method of adjusting a number of potentiometers, the user need only apply an appropriate calibration signal and send the calibra- tion value over the bus. Values sent with a wild card Translator word select options of the equivalent DDC.


To use the voltmeter complete output, proceed as follows: The maximum cable length is 20 meters, or 2 meters times the number of devices, which ever is less. Enter the number 32 by pressing the ” 3 ” and ” 2 ” but- tons. The following prompt will be displayed: For add data please reference Unsorted RAW directory. Translator The nature of the error can be determined with the U1 com- mand as explained m paragraph 3.

Any help on what type of coding to use would be greatly appreciated.

Attach the test leads to the circuit under test. The delay command controls the time interval that occurs from the point the instrument is triggered until it begins integration of the input signal. The actual value of the limits is dependent on the range.

The following message will then be displayed: A zero baseline level can be as large as full range.

When the filter is enabled, readings will keuthley filtered before being displayed. Retain and use the original packing materials in case reship- ment is necessary.

Source Measure unit instruments Tech: Its purpose is to direct the Model to execute other device-dependent commands such as F func- tion or R range. Perform the following steps to use this program: Table in paragraph 3. Keithley Firmware Firmware Version A04, That Translator word will retain its original definition. To check or change the filter value of another function, select the function and repeat steps 2 through 5.


Commands sent without the execute character will not be executed at that time, but they will be retained within an internal command buffer keitbley execu- tion at the time the X character is received. Each press of one of these buttons todies the display between manuaal two available conditions.

If an additional instruction manual is required, order the manual package Keithley Part Number In Service Manual, delete paragraph 5. Note that the instrument may be programmed for more than one set of conditions simultaneously.

System DMM Instruction Manual | Keithley – TechRecovery, LLC

Perform the following general procedure to trigger readings into data store from the front panel: To change the default line frequency setting of the instru- ment, select the desired setting using this program and then Program 30 or LI over the IEEE bus to save it. However, the instrument will try to execute on the next X the letters and numbers of the word as if they were device-dependent commands.

For a delay of 0. Each command is made up of a single ASCII letter followed by a number representing an option of that command. Baselines established on other functions are not affected. There are certain words and characters that cannot be used as defined Translator words. Both and can be read using the same circuit setup. Hello Kerry, Very interesting page!