B SERVICE MANUAL , REV C Thank you for your purchase of the B Keurig Single Cup Brewing System! U U The B is the. the Cleaning Instructions in this guide. Turn off and unplug the brewer before cleaning or maintenance. Allow to cool before putting on or taking off parts. Download KEURIG B SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Push the cover back slightly and lift up to remove. The brew pump pressurizes the system to approximately 4 psi The product should be connected to a branch circuit protected at maximum 20A.

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Answered on Apr 12, The cold water tank is allowed to fill approximately 16 ounces, milliliters and then the valve [X] is de-energized closed by the CWT float magnet proximity switch [Z] which controls the fill level.

Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Raise the Puncture Mechanism handle and locate the two screws that hold the Puncture Mechanism cover in place. For brewers and above see page The mechanism is shown outside of the coin accessory cabinet.

Install the replacement sensor, the main PCB,and mahual bar. Disconnect all power beforeinstalling coin or credit mechanism.

Keurig B3000 Use & Care Manual

While gently holding the plastic tube from the Inlet Valve out of the way, remove the ColdWater Module. Hot water will be dispensed as long as the button is pressed and held delivering mwnual total of 8 oz max before refilling. Puncture Mechanism Module d. Some states or Provinces do not allow limitations on how long an nanual warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you depending on the state or Province of the purchase.


Popular Tags cleaning coffee Procedure for Setting the Brewer to Coin Operation: Disconnect the wire harness connection.

Plug-in each units cords to outlets. Remove the top panel of the coin changer cabinet by unscrewing the twoscrews at the rear of the unit [Figure 13] and sliding the manuzl rearward and lifting up. Disconnect the small hose from the filter tee, just above the vent valve.

When this is detected, the brewer will alert you to perform a de-scaling procedure by generating one of the following messages. At the end of the brewing process the image below will be displayed for 4 seconds. Tip the brewer back slightly and locate the two screws under the Control Panel. Place Brewer box on its side on a large steady surface such as a table, countertop, or on the floor.

Posted on Feb 28, Be the first to answer. Keurig warrants that your Keurig B Brewer will be free of defects in materials or workmanship under normal use for one year from the date of delivery to the original purchaser.

Keurig Inc. Coffeemaker B : Inc. Coffeemaker User Manual

The next screen will look like this error code. The cold water tank also functions as the water supply reservoir for the brewing system. Plug-in each units cords to outlets.

Posted on Nov 21, Be the first to answer. Disconnect keyrig wire harness connection. Once the menu is accessed the display will look like this set language: Door Switch Open 7.

Do not remove the foil lid or puncture the K-Cup portion pack. Depending on the mineral content of the water inyour area, calcium deposits or scale may build up in your brewer. Draining Draining the B Brewer Emptying the drip tray If you kkeurig to drain the brewer, the following To empty the drip tray grasp the drip tray by steps should be followed: Disconnect the multi colored wire harness located to the left of the Hot Water Valve and the two wires on the Hot Water Valve solenoid.


This b000 is intended for Keurig authorized distributors KADs. Theyare captive screws so they will NOT come out completely.

Looking from the back of the brewer disconnect the multi colored wire harness that connects to the right side of the Cold Water Tank. Never immerse the base unit B Brewer Water Flow MechanismsA schematic and legend showing the major components of the B are keurigg refer to page 8 and9. After the water only brew is complete the unit is primed and the following will be displayed: All repairs of the brewing system are done on a modular level. Locate the two screws at the top of the module.

Connect patch cable to female RJ11 connectors on the b30000 of the B brewer and the coin unit. De-Scaling Procedure 62 6.

During the brewing process water is introduced into the K-Cup under pressure via the entrance needle, located in the Puncture Mechanism Module.

Disconnect the Vent tube from the venting nipple on the left hand side of the module area. Following the brew, your brewer will fill in preparation for the next b0300. Water filling — The B is a direct plumbed machine. One cup size has to be on.