Today’s item is a Kokam SLPB K(H5) battery pack. Kokam is one of the big players in lithium polymer batteries, and. CONFIDENTIAL. QA March 02, KOKAM ENGINEERING CO., LTD. SPECIFICATION FOR. SLPB H. Superior Lithium Polymer Battery. Kokam produces large scale of Lithium-polymer cells. With Kokam patented cell internal structure the Kokam produced cells belong to the largest size (both.

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But also new hardware for the electronic load, so testing conditions have improved. It is clearly aimed at RC stuff, having mAh at 30C discharge rate, Still, amps at 18 volts is more than 2kW, which kooam quite a thing for a g battery pack…. The front label is a bit squishy for some reason.

Lithium Ion Polymer Cells – High Energy High PowerㅣKokam Battery Cells

It might be gassing cells, but I found the weakest cell xlpb actually 3. So unless they have a very weird wiring order, having the 1 cell gassing a lot and the others not doing a thing is a tad strange. So basically it should be alright.

  1945 LEY 0053 PDF

It also looks like the pack is dying cycle over cycle. Capacity decreases each run — mAh, mAh and mAh respectively the exact mAh steps might be a coincidence.

I never made it to stop the tests before the hard 3. The cells also show very low internal resistance, which is slph than an order of magnitude lower than mine.

As for the kokxm in test gear: Have a look at the blue curves in the graph above, where the battery was tested with the upgraded version of the electronic load.

Only ppm slpv 0. Yes, I double-checked colors — last time, there was a steady voltage but rising current. This time, current is pretty steady, but the voltage looks like it is jumping around a lot.

But have a closer look at the numbers: In the former test, current went up from 3. This time, current was stable within 20mA 0. So overall stability increased by a factor of 3! I ran another test at 8 amps, which is shown in the graph above.


BluEmotion : TREMONDI

I divided currents by 4 and 8 so that we can see some detail. At 8 ampere, the voltage regulation seems to be much better, but the current regulation shows a slope.

Voltage stayed within mV to mV, which is another 0. So for higher currents where contact resistance and also wire resistance plays a role, current regulation seems to become a bit less stable, but overall performance stays consistent.

As for the Kokam battery: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. kokkam

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