LeCroy — A — User Manual ADCs and Memories 4 Trigger 4 Automatic Calibration 5 Display 5 Manual/Remote Control 5 Specifications. LeCroy Service Manual. Identifier LeCroy__Service_Manual. Identifier -ark ark://t47q2vs Ocr ABBYY FineReader A DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE SERVICE MANUAL North American Headquarters: LeCROY Corporation Chestnut Ridge Road Chestnut Ridge, NY.

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Attached to the coil are four permanent magnets to compensate for the pin cushion effect caused by the coil and the CRT. On the display board, adjust the potentiometer INT until the expanded trace just appears on the screen. Your email is lscroy with the abuse report. Plug the mains cable back into the outlet and wait for the scope to turn on. Because the computer end of the cable is the same as the connector on the A, you and your customers might assume they are ready to connect and print AUTO-SETUP Pressing the auto-setup button automatically scales the time base, trigger and sensitivity settings to provide a stable display for a wide range of repetitive input signals.

Proceed to voltage adjustments with a very small screwdriver.

Stop electronic waste – fix it yourself

The coprocessor can be stopped either by the or by itself. Signal coming from mxnual front-end 2. The system includes data lines over which the actual data are sent, bus management lines for control, and handshake lines to ensure correct acceptance of data at the right destination.

High Efficiency – Select up to 8 different traces 10 traces on 4-channel scopes to save with just one keystroke. Each sample and hold is clocked by a differential signal SHCKxthe sampling bridge current is calibrated by a potentiometer P3 to P6the timing and the offset are voltage controlled by software, using octal 8 manaul DACs BTthe current outputs are converted to voltage by operational amplifiers LM It is important that the offset of the input is set to zero use Panel Status to verify.


These include the rectangular or unmodified window typically used for transient events, the von Hann Hanning and Hamming lecroj for continuous signals, and also the Flattop and Blackman-Harris windows for more precise amplitude power measurements or strong suppression of side lobes respectively. Remote read and write All waveform formats including complex can be read by computer for storage or further processing.

The precautions against static electricity are required. The ZC register, internal to the MDS, is not reloaded with” a new value until the vector in progress is completed i.

Progress is made at the speed of the slowest listener. Arithmetical and mathe- matical functions can also be chained together to construct more complex processing routines. Fast Fourier Transforms FFTs rapidly convert time domain waveforms into frequency domain records to reveal valuable spectral information such as phase, magnitude and power. IK RES05 1 90 3. The DCK signal is the last demultiplexer clock delayed and shaped C78it is used by the timebase to count address and stop acquisition.

Tektronix PS or equivalent. A vector is generated by a composition of two X and Y linear current ramps. Users can obtain time and frequency values simul- taneously and compare phases of the various frequency components with each other.

Service Manual – LeCroy – Oscilloscope — Download free service manuals

The bottom trace is the repetitive execution time, i. The waveform in Channel 1 manhal contained in the mask in Memory C all points inside the mask. Broad spectrum coverage – Up to 25, spectral components. It offers the highest performing data acquisition and processing system available in any portable instrument.

For a CRT high voltage of 11 kV.


LECROY SCH Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Ltd 65 Spain: The minimax can be set to run on read or written data by the TMSC Switch on the power using the power switch on the rear panel.

Cl 26 lecrooy SM. There is, however, a delay of about nsec between the end of vector at the output of the ramp generator and the actual yoke current change. The input to the comparator, pin 6 of A22, is low at V while the reset is low. The following hard-copy parameters are lwcroy on the A: Some experimentation may be required. Reassemble the boards and check that the scope boots correctly. An additional K of RAM is available for waveform processing, storage and display.

A points waveform will use 2 bytes per point in word format plus bytes lecory waveform descriptor, for a total of bytes. Chaining of Operations – Automatically chains two operations four in the Multiplicative constant on first input: Noisy or low power supply can cause a variety of problems, both digital and analog.

IS Scan by Paladinmicro manuxl paladin paladinmicro. Time and date information is automatically recorded for each segment.

In addition, the screen presents internal status and measurement results, as well 9540 operational, measurement, and waveform analysis menus.

All listeners must release the NRFD line, i. Triggers on opposite slopes of pulses wider than a value in the range 2. Make sure the probe is perfectly adjusted, low frequency and high frequency see brochure enclosed with probe.