Highlights info row . viaje a ixtlan added 11 new photos to the album: images. September 29 ·. DESCARGA +++libro 7 de 13+++ eda, Este libro es muy bello, te hace reflexionar hasta lo mas profundo de tu ser y a la vez te deleita con los personajes. El primero en mostrar el verdadero.

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A friend of mine, someone I’ve always admired, recently recommended this book along with several others. It is classified as a book of nonfiction, and it is written as a first person account as vkaje what Carlos says he experienced. The journey to Ixtlan is not for the weak. The Teachings of Don Juan 3.

Viaje a Ixtlan : Las Lecciones de Don Juan

This and its follow-up book Tales of Power changed my life when I read them in my mids In later books, Juan describes that there are only so many kinds of men, and that Genaro is a man of action. It’s hard to set all this aside while reading Journey ixtla Ixtlan.

The first three books tell the same story, but Ixtlan gets it right and you miss little of importance from the first two books. This is the third book in the series but if you want to know the truth it is the first book that should be read.

A lot of authors, religious authorities and messianic “teachers” have enriched themselves by tapping into our need to be part of something bigger, and in the end that’s how Castaneda struck me. Upon arriving, I discovered that, vijae only had I forgotten the list of books, I had no idea how to navigate the nonfiction section.

The previous two were more concerned with hallucinogenic plants viake his experiences with them which he thought was the right track for him to write on. On the other hand it gave me insight into how some people see alternate realities and how ordinary cause and effect are seen much differently by some people.

Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda

Once the real world is accessed, one cannot go home again. The drug bent to me x just a way to lend his descriptions some plausibility for the reader until the reader gets far enough along to consider that altered states may indeed be achievable — even unavoidable — when stone cold sober.

I’ve classed this volume as psychology [one could also, legitimately, class them as religion or as fiction] because so much of its content has to do kxtlan what we conventionally call “altered states” and relegate to psychologists.

This book has so tremendous value in that regard. Para Don Juan Matus el mundo es un lugar vasto e inexplicable en donde la magia abunda.


In a sense, Castaneda is a throwback to the 18’th century, when there was a convention of kxtlan fiction as though it were factual travel writing; think of Swift and Defoe. Yet he is scorned by the very academics who once lionized him as revitalizing their profession.

Taken as allegory, these books may well have value for many readers. He is not much read any more, though all his books remain in print. En ese sentido, el lector ya sabe a lo que se atiene.

Journey to Ixtlan

He learns the gait of power and the tricky art of not-doing. It seems to me that all the ideas in that book have been articulated a million times before, although in more individualized, artistic and passionate language. We become part of it. Viajr wanted to like this book and expected to get a lot out of it as my first read by Castaneda, but I found I had to force myself to read it in fits and starts and it libor me the better part of a month.

I think we all want to believe that ancient primitive cultures have a deep “knowing” that we’ve all forgotten in ixtoan “civilized ways,” and tapping into that can be a pro I wanted to like this book and expected to get a lot out of it as my first read by Castaneda, but I found I had to force myself to read it in fits and starts and it took me the better part of a month.

Although it appears to be the case that Castaneda, the author, fabricated some of the material appearing in his accounts, including that of his doctoral dissertation which begins the series, it oibro appears to be the case that he knows a good deal about altered s This is the third volume of the trilogy including The Teachings istlan Don Juan and A Separate Reality.

See 1 question about Journey to Ixtlan…. It is in this wonderful story that Carlos introduces many concepts, or rather elucidates on many concepts, which Don Juan had intro Many readers of Carlos Castaneda stop reading after A Yaqui Way of Knowledge.

I was 16, when I read the book and I loved the way Don Juan perceives the Well, almost 10 years has it been now, since I read this book. In my opinion I don’t care wether the stories are bogus or true.

He plays the role of the naive, sometimes dense and blundering student, which makes the book seem artless and laces it with subtle humor.

To ask other readers questions about Journey to Ixtlanplease sign up. This third installment really filled in the gaps of the first two books with Don Juan.


Viaje a Ixtlan : Carlos Castaneda :

ixtlab An older vkaje of mine recommended it to me. This is the Castaneda book that many of my friends say is their favorite. Published February 1st by Washington Square Press first published Apologies to all the Castaneda fans out there but for my money if you’re into this type of reading I think Paulo Coelho is better.

Taken just as it is, Journey to Ixtlan is a read of many rewards. This is the real world, not our lives that our filled with ego and control. Supporters claim the books are either true or at least valuable works of philosophy and descriptions of practices, which enable an increased awareness. By the end, the apprentice begins to get an idea of what don Juan means by power, and how one can become a warrior in the Yaqui sense.

He has a conversation with a coyote who speaks both English and Spanish! Refresh and try again.

Preview — Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda. As Castaneda wrote more books, they became more fantastic, until even his most ardent supporters had to agree he’d left the world of anthropology for some sort of science fiction or fantasy. If you are open to the teachings in these books, they can truly be powerful and life-changing and, living far away from home as I was in my mids in Finland, I was captivated by Don Juan’s teachings since, as a youth, I had traveled a lot with my family in Mexico and the American Southwest so I could visualize from Finland the landscapes and culture they were part of.

I also found myself laughing out loud at various times throughout this book. Castaneda’s constant interaction with don Juan, along with his fretting about how this could not be real, has the effect of making it seem real even when one knows it is not.

Other books in the series. But it differs from most occult masterpieces in that Castaneda allows the reader to feel the process of initiation, and the doubts and anxieties it generates, in a moment by moment way. Journey to Ixtlan became his UCLA doctoral dissertation, and was the most noted book of the series because in it Carlos turns a Forty years on, what are we to think of Carlos Castaneda?

This is a tough one for me!