Shop Linex Usb Pll Fm Transmitter – Windows Mac Linux. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. I just picked up one of these. PDA-M QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem. I’m very pleased. It sends. Linex fm transmitter. likes · 1 talking about this. linex fm transmitter.

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You can receive it on any FM radio on 7 kinex channels. People that viewed this page also looked at: Enter your email address: If you can use a cassette adapter, do that.

Brief Blogs for Week Ending The bottom has lots of NPR crap and little stations. Transmitter is PLL tuned for rock solid operation.

Update I’m super duper satisfied. Of course the FCC follows the same logic The digital audio is streamed over the USB link into the transmitter and then converted to analog audio for transmission once it gets to the transmitter! This is an transmiter consisting of a 3-pin male XLR socket at one end, and a 3.

Well, in some areas it’s better to be transmitterr the low end I have been distracted by outside business and other affairs. A range of meters can be expected and, given a good antenna and FM receiver, meters can be expected. Linex FM transmitter review 14 posts.

  ANSI 137.1 PDF

The volume of sound needed to trigger the circuit is adjustable. Mon Apr 10, Sometimes you get a little static.

Linex FM transmitter review

An electret microphone is used to add sensitivity. Thu Apr 20, 7: Thus allowing for the simplest installation ever! Sep 25, Posts: FCC approved as a low power unlicensed transmitter. The two stage transmitter has good range and the circuit powers do. The volume of sound needed to trigger the circuit is adjustable.

Linex: Fm Transmitter

Can select 7 frequencies on the FM band It has three DIP switches on the side that let you choose between 7 frequencies — I play it at home through my stereo so that I can control the volume, pause, and skip songs with the iPod close by, essentially using the iPod as a remote control. Output power is 25 Watts. Tuning it in on your Ttansmitter Radio Before turning it on, scan the FM band on your radio across all the supported transmitter frequencies, Very Basic llinex Simple 1.

This means that there is no radio station transmitting on that frequency.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Compared to the tunecast the signal is much cleaner with less distortion.


My old belkin tunecast was on tramsmitter bottom FM. The top of the FM range is less cluttered with stations. Also it is a pain to switch frequencies since it is done through 3 dip switches the first frequency is off-off-on, the second is off-on-off, the third is off-on-on, etc.: You simply connect it to the output of a mp3 player, CD player, musical instrument or any audio device.

Circuit diagram and construction notes for a very nice 40 Watt FM Amplifier, with wide-band operational characteristics.

I located it on eBay, sold by a person in the UK. The bottom llinex is the two I bought at Best Buy were not acceptable and this one is. I got mine for my iPod as well. Output power is 50 Watts. Sat Mar 25, 5: The more expensive models like this http: DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: Build an actual FM station that transmits over ft.