The complete series list for – Tempting Navy SEALs Lora Leigh. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres. 1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh has captivated millions of readers with her sensual tales. Tempting Navy SEALs 11/21/ PM. I absolutely love Lora Leigh. Every time I read her books I fall in love with her character’s. Her book’s always have characters that are complex, driven, mouth.

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I liked this one and may just check out more of the series now. The sexual tension between him and Kira already smoldered in Hidden Agendas and made more of an impression on me than the main couple.

Atlanta Heat (Tempting SEALs #6) by Lora Leigh

I enjoyed this story about Ian, the son of ruthless drug lord Diego Fuentes. Corto, sexy y muy dulce. Some future storylines were set up here, as well. For those who want to read it, beware that there is a rape scene in this book as well as mental abuse. Kell and the team escort Emily to several society parties where we meet some potential mole suspects. Its as if they can’t be criminals unless they sealss demented or something.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ian RichardsKira Porter. She is an awesome writer. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The bad part was, I knew who Fuentes’s son was beforehand – that’s what happens when you read series out of order, ugh – but even if I didn’t, it wouldn’t have been difficult to guess his identity as it was pretty obvious.

He’s loved her for almost that long, though not without his own issues as well. I pretty much liked everything about this book, I especially liked that it deviated from what I was beginning to think was Lora Leigh’s only story line.


Trivia About Hidden Agendas T Lora Leigh always writes sexy stories and this was definitely sexy. Moreover, are we suddenly supposed to see leighh as the lesser of evils because there are some heinous crimes that he will not commit?

She thinks she can see the real Ian that hides beneath the gruff exterior. The second book in the Elite Ops series by Lora Leigh. Enter Navy SEAL, Kell Krieger, the one man Emily has always wanted, but could never have … until now, when a dangerous drug lord has set his sights on her and Kell is the only one standing in his way… The best installment in a series that has been pretty lackluster.

I can live with being afraid of ending up like your broken-hearted always-sad mom, though. With non-stop action and enough intrigue, twists and steamy drama that you won’t be sure who’s playing who until the last few pages. She’s finally psyched herself up to try having sex with a man and her friends have a perfect candidate.

Full of action, suspense, and sex, but it will make you believe. Will she be able to accomplish what the DHS has assigned her to do, even if it means betraying the man she loves, or will she stand by his side, once and for all? Ironically Durango team is then assigned to personally protect the Senator and his daughter, with Kell posing as Emily’s lover until they can flush out a spy. This book started running and didn’t stop, filled with high-strung emotions, dark situations, and the impeding fear of betrayal throughout the entire thing.

Raven has been craving Morganna’s brother Reno, since she was little. However, not respecting her wishes when she directly expresses them bullshit.

How bout that sexy bookcover! Morganna is just a strong as Clint in many ways, and reading how their relationship develops is really good. I really think thats creepy, and Lora does it a lot. Tempting SEALs 5 books. Parto con una premessa breve da significativa: Kira and Ian were fun to read, lots of c Finally finished this one!


Loving this series so far! But when she learns the whole ‘date’ is a set-up and a killer is after her, she feels betrayed and afraid once more. One thing Leigh does well is erotica and this certianly doesn’t disappoint in that area. La Leigh con questa serie ha fatto decisamente centro.

Hidden Agendas

View all 17 comments. Since I have them, I’ll give them a quick read pretty soon, and hope for something sealx. I just felt like I was inundated with too much information too fast. The book was supposed to be based in Atlanta but she often referred to the “sultry SC heat” while they were in Atlanta Well, this is a novella. The heroine in this book, Risa Clay, was tmepting mentioned way back in the beginning of the ‘Tempting SEALs’ series not sure which book, possibly “Dangerous Games”view spoiler [ where she was kidnapped, raped, and experimented on with a date rape drug.

Kell KreigerEmily Stanton. View all 20 comments. In the book dangerous games Macey is 6’6″ and here he is 6’4 or twmpting. Drawing heavily on plotlines established in Hidden Agendas book2 people are rarely who they seem here. The latest, Temphing Agendas, picks up where the last, Dangerous Gamesleft off. I keep thinking that they are supposed to be together, yet they aren’t What did bother me, was that I could not handle the fact that Clint kept rejecting her, for 8 freaking years.

She struggles with trying to feel like a woman and her feelings for Micah all while a killer is after her and having to face the demons from her past. Hope the rest of the series lives up to this one.