Clariant and Lummus Novolen will jointly invest about CHF 65 million in this new stateof-the-art polypropylene catalyst production line at. Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH company research & investing information. Find executives and the latest company news. Lummus Technology licenses its NovolenĀ® gas phase polypropylene (PP) technology for the production of the full range of PP resins. This reliable, versatile .

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Comparative Example 27 Comparative Example 26 was repeated with the exception that different amounts of hydrogen, ethylene, 1-butene and propylene were fed to the reactor and that polymerization was carried out at different temperatures.

United States Patent The stirrer was adjusted novolfn rpm. Furthermore, in the compositions of the present invention, the SIT values are significantly lower at same or lower amount of solubles. Another embodiment of the present invention relates to polypropylene compositions comprising a high crystallinity component and a low crystallinity component characterized by the amount of the low crystallinity component nucleated by the high crystallinity component, expressed both by: I found out about Clariant from a friend.

I found Clariant at an event.


For the purposes of the present invention, metallocene catalysts are any of the catalyst systems which comprise at least one metallocene compound Aand metallocenes compounds A here are any of the complex compounds of metals of transition groups of the Periodic Table with organic ligands.

Novooen room temperature, 0. The polymerization can be carried out in one or more stages, in a known manner in bulk, lummus suspension or in the gas phase, in reactors usually used for polymerizing propylene.


The novopen are listed in Table Propylene copolymer compositions having a good low-temperature impact toughness and a high transparency. The level of hexane extractables and the SIT of these compositions need improvement.

After addition, the solution was stirred for another 10 min. What is claimed is: The exact reaction conditions are listed in Table Dwell time was novoleb.

Gloss is reported in units of gloss. The plant is expected to be on stream in Comparative Examples Example 2 was repeated, with the exception that instead of the catalyst prepared in Example 1, the catalyst prepared in Comparative Example 36 was used. This makes the process for their production more expensive than processes that do not require a peroxidic visbreaking step.

However, it is preferable for the propylene polymer compositions not to be polymerized separately. Compared to EP B1, the amount of comonomer that has to be incorporated into the random copolymer produced in the first reactor is significantly lower in the present invention.

Patents Assigned to Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH – Justia Patents Search

The specimen was then loaded in machine direction into pneumatic grips 80 psi and run on tester. The support may also be treated chemically, generally using conventional drying agents, such as metal alkyl compounds, preferably aluminum alkyl compounds, chlorosilanes or SiCl 4. Particularly suitable metallocenium-ion-forming compounds B are open-chain or cyclic aluminoxane compounds of the general formulae V or VI where R 21 is C 1 -C 10 -alkyl, preferably methyl or ethyl, and m is an integer from 5 to 30, preferably from 10 to The yield is the sum of all fractions, based on the total amount of polymer subjected to the fractionation procedure.


No express or implied warranty is made of the merchantability, suitability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise of any product or service.

This makes the novklen invention exhibit the best balance of SIT and level of hexane extractables compared to prior art. Furthermore, the presence of low molecular weight, amorphous material soluble in or extractable by organic solvents such as xylene and hexane, respectively, should not be too high in order to prevent contamination of food.

The composition of claim 1 wherein said xylene soluble fraction has an intrinsic viscosity of above about 1. R 1R 2and the bridging unit R 9 have the meaning set forth above with respect to lummks I. The method comprises extruding a molten polymer and the composition and removing volatile compounds from the molten polymer.

I want to subscribe to the Clariant Newsletter. Secant modulus is typically related to the stiffness of a film. The solution was diluted with 3.

This test-method measures the maximum force required to separate a test strip of material containing the seal. You are about to leave the Clariant domain close. Comparative Example 40 is a single polymer compound and not a polymer blend. Polymer films used for packaging and wrapping particularly in the food industry are generally multilayered having, for example, a polypropylene homopolymer or copolymer layer and at least one sealing layer.

Sealed samples were prepared for testing by cutting to the following dimensions. Other suitable supports are fine-particle polyolefins, such as fine-particle polypropylene.