The LynxOS RTOS is a Unix-like real-time operating system from Lynx Software Technologies (formerly “LynuxWorks”). Sometimes known as the Lynx Operating . LynxOS® is a deterministic, hard real-time operating system that provides POSIX-conformant APIs in a small-footprint embedded kernel. LynxOS provides. LynxOS is one of two real time operating systems (RTOS) developed and marketed by. LynuxWorks of San José, California. LynxOS is a mature operating .

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InLynx introduced a specialized version of LynxOS called LynxOS, especially for use lynxox avionics applications that require certification to industry standards such as DOB. Comparison of real-time operating systems. This means that they absolutely must respond within a known period of time.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. LynxOS satisfies the percent MCDC structural coverage requirement out-of-the-box, allowing systems developers to concentrate on their applications rather than trying to get those last lines of system code exercised for system certification.

The Usenet newsgroup comp. LynxOS offers developers the flexibility of advanced rots features that are unmatched by the competition. It contains the minimum system software necessary for cinit to complete its initialization tasks. An event is a synchronization object used rtks notify the occurrence of a condition to processes that may wait for it.

LynxOS RTOS Family (Operating systems – embedded) from LynuxWorks, Inc. – Embedded Computing Design

The RTOS can run a shell on a serial port for a developer to interact directly with the target machine. These device info files are stored in the file system and installed after the LynxOS lynxoz is booted, but before partitioning is invoked.

This information is used to allocate system resources to the application software, defining a valid configuration of the target system as determined by the user. The documentation set includes a detailed partitioning and interface analysis that focuses on time, space and resource partitioning as well as timing margin analysis so developers can allocate budgets to use operating system services. At the point in the LynxOS initialization where the OS is able to run partitions, cinit transforms into a unique Pinit process in each partition.


The net result is that Lynx Software Technologies customers not only come to market quickly with high-quality real-time systems, but are able to more effectively provide value to their own customers over the long term.

The LynxOS operating system is designed to be independent of its underlying hardware platform. Pinitas the first process in the partition, completes initialization of the partition’s environment and transforms into the application software for the partition. A counting semaphore is a synchronization object commonly used to provide access to partition resources.

Hence there are no new tools to purchase and no new learning curves to climb in order to extend code investments across both the open-source and hard real-time worlds. A buffer is a communication object used by processes of a same partition to send or receive messages.

Within the partition, the virtual address spaces of various processes are mapped to memory from the assigned memory block. ABOUT US Every day, millions of people worldwide are touched by products that rely on Lynx Software Technologies software—from Internet and phone communications, to airline flight-control systems, office automation and medical devices.

Lynx Software Technologies software provides the hidden intelligence that empowers, protects and secures our modern world.

LynxOS RTOS Family

These device drivers are stored in the file system and installed after the LynxOS kernel is booted, but before partitioning is invoked. Each RTOS partition is assigned one and only one block of memory. It’s as if each partition were its own separate computer. Read-only file systems are mounted for all partitions.


Lynx holds an expired patent on the technology rts LynxOS rtps to maintain hard real-time performance. For the web browser, see Lynx web browser.

Each RTOS partition performs like a ros real-time operating system. Download a PDF brochure Learn how LynxOS can be delivered as part of a 2nd Generation Integrated Modular Architecture The software industry is concerned with safety and is facing big challenges to make the process of certification to any standard more repeatable, more efficient, and more cost effective. Time partitioning is done through a lynxps time-slice scheduler, which allocates periods of time to each partition.

Unix-like real-time operating system. Resource partitioning means that each device can be assigned to only one partition of the RTOS. These file systems can be mounted read-write or read-only for additional flexibility in safety-critical environments.

There are one or more info files per device driver. The dynamic device information files are used to configure the dynamic device drivers for optional devices on the target system. The dynamic device drivers are hardware access routines for optional devices on the target rtso. The development configuration a superset of the production configuration has additional features that assist in application development and debugging on LynxOS Pinit executes with operating system root privileges.