Bts greet and meet baby

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bts greet and meet baby

BTS Season's Greeting, Desk Calendar+Diary+Making DVD+Postcards+2 Stamp Stickers + 3 Pencils + Member ID Photo. by BTS GOODS. It's been several weeks since BTS released their latest album, “Love Yourself: Tear”, but the hype surrounding the world-conquering K-pop. The “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” of BTS have (finally, for real) imported that mania with performances, TV appearances, commercials and meet-and-greets. 22, the baby-faced modern dancer; V, 22, the master impressionist;.

Epilogue tour are now sold out. The shows sold out 25, tickets as soon as the ticket office opened. The same would happen for ticket offices in both Taiwan and Macau, where all their tickets sold out in just five seconds. Epilogue tour is considered a major tour for BTS and the talent agency representing them, Big Hit Entertainment, they did have issues. In Taiwan, the A.

bts greet and meet baby

Apparently, the security detail to maintain order was poorly designed or lacking. Both Jin and Suga were shoved around aggressively, but were able to keep their balance. Jimin, on the other hand, was not so fortunate as he was shoved hard to the ground.

A security personnel was able to help Jimin and escort him quickly to safety, but that caused all the other members of BTS to hightail it to safety too.

Ziggo Dome - BTS

They asked that the A. This includes using the same airlines BTS may use for traveling, trying to sit next to them on the airplane, and engaging directly with BTS, specifically with physical contact.

Their participation was so well-received, the producers have made it known they would like to have BTS on again for a full episode special. While the K-pop boy band is now famous for their mind-bogglingly in-synch choreography, the performance and its setlist proved why BTS is truly at a headliner status when it comes to meeting international fans.

bts greet and meet baby

Greeted by near-deafening screams as fellow performers Ailee and Eric Nam introduced them, BTS were raised from below the concert stage as the seven members excitedly shouted at the audience, further sending them into a tizzy. But what might have been most telling about BTS' superstar status is what followed after their latest singles. Hip-hop fans know that cyphers are one-of-a-kind moments, but here was BTS delivering one of theirs for the 18,strong crowd.

Of even more note, BTS didn't need to rely on totally pre-planned stage movements and choreography but instead worked the stage as they pleased and still enchanted the audience.

bts greet and meet baby

The group didn't spend a ton of time talking with the crowd, but it was clear they were taking in every moment—perhaps best seen when member Suga took off his ear piece to truly hear the audience's screams before greeting them. BTS can be confident and take a risk performing something other than the hits everyone knows in an international arena setting and that's something only a handful artists can do.

Hosts Ailee and Rap Monster: Fans yelped over the loads of cute interactions between the duo, but if the shrieks when Rap Mon initially hit the stage give indication of how Saturday is going to be, we might suggest brining ear plugs to protect yourself. The fee is charged to cover the costs for this service only. Any potential surplus will be donated to the charity organization "Anschutz hilft e. If you have to bring a large bag with you, may we also recommend using the storage facilities at Ostbahnhof station, which is located only short walk from the arena.

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BTS Love Kids - Cute & Funny Moments!

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Meet Jungkook from BTS: the baby of the group who belts out the ballads

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bts greet and meet baby

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bts greet and meet baby

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There are also paramedics available at every event if you have a medical issue. Parking spaces for cars are available in the Mercedes-Benz Arena parking deck all events as well as parking area P2 selected events only. I felt nothing but pure joy.

My day before the concert was a difficult one and I am a student who has to work hard in school, so I had many worries before the concert. But as soon as the first song started and they appeared, every problem seemed to disappear. I felt extremely enlightened and happy that I had the opportunity to see these one of a kind people.

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If someone asked me if I would go to another bts concert, my answer would be an immediate yes!! I know that they will make even bigger accomplishments in the future.

Soon enough everyone will know bts as those boys who changed their lives. I hope millions of people can give them a chance and see what they have to offer because I cannot imagine going through life without knowing who bts is. If I could request bts of anything it would be for them to stay happy.

But if my message can lighten your worries even a bit, I would be satisfied!