Check the relationship of twitter

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check the relationship of twitter

First off: why would you want to search the Twitter followers of a certain who follow @jo_jobs – just the people I want to contact in relation to my job opening! But I can also find out lots of useful information like the hashtags. Check out this article to discover 10 of the most powerful Twitter analytics and visualization tools so you can analyse and visualize your Twitter. Check who follows each other on Twitter! Just enter two usernames to reveal the relationship in seconds.

But nothing stops you from doing both. I logged in, followed 4 celebrities, saw nothing happening and closed the tab.

[BTS NEWS] BTS Members Revealed They Sometimes Check Fans Selfies On Twitter 😍

This is all terrible advice and if you know nothing about Twitter there is no way you take that kind of tips and get anything done with it. This is why I put this post together. This is the newbie guide on how to get more Twitter followers for fun and profits. Simply carry on these activities at the frequency indicated with the free tools linked to and you should see things moving pretty quickly! Daily Activities These are the tasks you should perform daily.

Because Twitter monitors and limits the number of people you can follow and unfollow every day. Therefore, to maximise the growth, you must use your quota on a daily basis. Every time you follow people, they get a notification and a notification email if they did not cut them.

Friendship Checker - Twitter

That gives people the occasion to check your profile and if they find it engaging enough. How do I find these great people to follow.

check the relationship of twitter

Find those who follow one or more of your competitors. I highly recommend the user comparison function of followerwonk. Followerwonk lets you compare the followers of the influencers in your industry and extract the ones they have in common. The issue with this activity is to find who is not following you back.

Using tools like Hootsuite, you can do this weekly as opposed to having to do it all the time. You basically need to find popular content in your niche that already got shared a lot and add it to your sharing schedule. I personally use Hootsuite for scheduling.

Compare and Analyze Twitter Users - Followerwonk

That means people will retweet it and those retweets will expose you to their followers. Some of these followers will then follow you back.

Use Buzzsumo to find trending content Let Hootsuite suggest and schedule trending content based on keywords. Hootsuite finds relevant content for you to share so you don't have to.

Use the Hootlet by Hootsuite to navigate your site and auto schedule content that already got some success once a week. You can also prepare excel spreadsheets with your schedule and upload them to Hootsuite if you want a reusable template. With the hootlet installed on Chrome, you can share and auto schedule stuff as you browse. Just navigate your site and click the button. Comprehensive analysis of any account including competitors.

The best time to tweet. Schedule tweets to automatically send at the best time. In-depth analytics and engagement. Audiense Audiense is an interesting platform that enables you to analyze and visualize your network in a variety of ways.

Friendship Checker Twitter - Who Follows Who

Some of their other features include: Keyhole Keyhole is a Twitter Analytics tool that enables you to tap into Instagram data as well. With Keyhole you can track hashtags, influencers, high impact data, and more. This free service is actually very robust, and I am impressed with all of the different methods of analysis it offers.

To give you a better idea here is a screen capture of my Twitonomy profile: Twenty feet also integrates with other services like Facebook, bitly, Google Analytics, YouTube, and more.

You can track your Twitter and Facebook with Twenty Feet for free, and if you want to track other services beyond these they have paid packages as well and offer a free 30 day trial. Twitter Counter Twitter Counter is a way to visualize and track the growth of your own followers, and even compare your growth to the growth of other users. Below is a graph they generated showing my follower growth during the last month.

Visible Tweets Visible Tweets is a way to view tweets based on keyword or username. This Twitter visualization Tool is basically a screen saver featuring your tweets.

check the relationship of twitter

Here is a video I recorded with a quick demo of this tool. Tweetstats Tweetstats is, you guessed it, statistics for Twitter. And robust statistics at that. Check this tool out for a glimpse into your tweeting style and tendancies.