David gregory meet the press gun clip

Police investigate NBC News anchor for showing gun clip | Reuters

david gregory meet the press gun clip

David Gregory broke D.C.'s gun law, but got away with it showing the magazine violated local laws, and that Gregory could be arrested for doing so. In a letter to NBC, D.C. Attorney General Irvin Nathan said he would not. David Gregory was driving through the mountains of New Hampshire when Meet the Press was never David Gregory's dream job—nor was he the network's .. After the Newtown massacre, Gregory interviews National Rifle .. Luke Mullins is a senior writer at Washingtonian magazine focusing on the. David Gregory Broke Gun Law, Newly Revealed Arrest Affidavit Shows The magazine was not loaded with ammunition, and NBC News was.

David Gregory's Meet the Press Gun Magazine Display the Target of D.C. Police Probe | E! News

It made for a great visual. It gave Gregory a prop as he asked Wayne LaPierre whether, if bullet magazines like the one in his hand were banned, "isn't it just possible that we could reduce the carnage in a situation like Newtown?

david gregory meet the press gun clip

Possession of high-capacity magazines is illegal in Washington, even if they are empty. It didn't help matters when the police said that NBC had asked for permission to show the ammunition on the air and was turned down.

david gregory meet the press gun clip

Nor has NBC's silence on the matter aided Gregory's case. But let's get real here.

Affidavit shows NBC knowingly let David Gregory violate gun law

David Gregory's only intent was to commit journalism. Why are the cops wasting time on this, other than as a PR gesture to demonstrate that they're somehow on the case?

david gregory meet the press gun clip

It's fine to lambaste what Gregory did on the air. He walked right up to the line, and some would say crossed it, of pushing LaPierre to acknowledge that some form of gun control would be sensible.

david gregory meet the press gun clip

And maybe holding up ammunition for the cameras was grandstanding. I was going to stand up, no matter what the outcome would be. Nathan wrote in his letter about letting off Mr. There is no doubt of the gravity of the illegal conduct in this matter,especially in a city and a nation that have been plagued by carnage from gun violence.

Gun control: Is David Gregory’s on-air stunt proof of media bias?

Brinkley of all the firearms charges. Meet The Press Dear Mr.

PJTV: NBC's David Gregory, Armed and Dangerous?

I have also received and reviewed your letter to me of January 9,explaining the circumstances under which Mr. Gregory came into possession of the magazine, the purported confusion from the allegedly conflicting advice from federal and local law enforcement sources, and assurances by your client of future compliance with our laws. The host also possessed and displayed another ammunition magazine capable of holding five to ten rounds of ammunition. Neither magazine contained any ammunition nor was either connected to any firearm.

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It is unlawful under D. OAG has responsibility for prosecuting such offenses and takes that responsibility very seriously.

david gregory meet the press gun clip

We have a history of aggressively prosecuting violations of this statute where the circumstances warrant. There is no doubt of the gravity ofthe illegal conduct in this matter,especially in a city and a nation that have been plagued by carnage from gun violence. Of course,the recent tragic, heart-breaking events, particularly at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, which appear to have led to the program in question, also underscore our belief in the vigorous enforcement of such laws.

Having carefully reviewed all of the facts and circumstances of this matter, as it does in every case involving firearms-related offenses or any other potential violation of D. Gregory, who has no criminal record, or any other NBC employee based on the events associated with the December 23, broadcast.