Hellevator the bottled fools ending relationship

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hellevator the bottled fools ending relationship

Hellevator: the bottled fools(Visual) 1 edition published in in Japanese and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide "Set almost entirely in a. Find Hellevator: The Bottled Fools at kinenbicounter.info Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Gusha no bindume; AKA Hellevator: The Bottled Fools . especially the characters' relationships and, of course, the “Third Impact” that destroys most of the earth. Shinji ended the film just as much a self-absorbed brat as before, so involved.

This causes the elevator to malfunction, and the small group is now stranded. The malfunctioned elevator becomes a powder keg for runaway paranoia. The prison guard starts to lose it, and through a strange sequence of events, causes the prisoners to become free.

From there the prisoners sadistically start to impose their will on the beleaguered elevator participants. The rapist starts to do his thing on the elevator operator and eventually starts kicking Luchino.

hellevator the bottled fools ending relationship

Luchino starts to have flashbacks of times when her father abused her similarly - Luchino eventually snaps. She picks up the gun and starts to repeatedly shoot the bomber prisoner.

From there, the story devolves into a repetitive set of sequential events which cause various people on the elevator to lose control. Some result in murders while others result in interesting character expositions.

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Throughout, the mood is high tension paranoia. Eventually, the THXlike guards break the remaining few left alive. The story then connects back to the police detective, who is in the process of interviewing those that survived the elevator trip. The ending, not discussed here, provides a different take on the world which this future takes place.

Tsujioka, Masato [WorldCat Identities]

The acting in Hellevator is far better than one would expect in a movie where nobody was getting paid. Luchino Fujisaki turns in a solid performance as a person devolving back into psychosis. Zitacock Obitani is terrific as an extremely bizarre serial rapist, and almost makes the movie a must-watch all by himself.

hellevator the bottled fools ending relationship

The rest of the cast works. Hellevator, uses two omnipresent color schemes: For the police interrogation scenes, everything is dark blue. Yamaguchi makes liberal use of perspective shots, sometimes involving fish-eye lenses, and frequently looking down or up at the participants. In short, Yamaguchi makes the most of a very limited budget and set. He even throws in a Matrix slo-mo shot that was apparently filmed with a single camera.

System Service Staff as Robots: In Hellevator, the elevator lady acts completely robotic until the convicts break things.

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Her overt disposition is of a person who never gets rattled, never intimates a personal connection, and never changes her demeanor regardless of the surroundings. Indeed, it is probably the case that the pictures here will be of more use than anything I can say in terms of giving you an idea of what the film is like. Various words come to mind — the stylisation and over-the-top drama of cyberpunk is there of course — with Pinocchio not so far away at all - and there is also something decidedly retro-futurist about it.

Trapped in this small room, our cast of characters slowly but surely begins to collapse. The fragility, selfishness and hidden hysteria of the basic human animal is on spectacular display here.

Our schoolgirl is a highly troubled person it soon becomes apparent — seriously messed up by an abusive father, whom she ended up stabbing to death. All this is slowly revealed through flashbacks as the pressures of this continuing nightmare begins to unhinge her troubled mind more and more.

And, as the film gets stranger and stranger, how much is real and how much is just hallucinatory?

Hellevator (Bottled Fools)

Is the respectable looking scientist figure really a terrorist carrying a foetus infected with a lethal virus? Is the silent teen sitting in the corner really an agent of the Surveillance bureau? Is the pram nursed so carefully by the mother on a shopping trip really an empty sham?

hellevator the bottled fools ending relationship

Being in virtually every scene, she seems to bring out the best in the rest of the cast. I say this because the rest of the cast suffers when in monologue type situations, but generally hold up well when interacting with Amy.

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Often indie films that venture into the Science Fiction genre attempt to make up for low-budget effects with innovative cinematography and lighting. Throughout the film Amerman is able to take a truly dingy set and come up with some wonderful shots. Also interesting is the lighting and sound choices for the flashbacks, although the horror shots have a cheesy low-budget feel to them. Problems With Organic Brain Design: One can imagine that a structure such as this, once connected to sensory input could grow at an impressive rate Unfortunately, this is where their science falls apart.

In doing so, they seem to be valuing the mass-storage view of the brain while discounting the interconnectedness of the pathways and concepts. In the movie, the integrated structure will already have a sentient presence in it see the downloading memories part above. This is an interesting approach toward building a cyborg with synthetic thinking capabilities, and is a somewhat different approach from say, the Ghost in the Shell method of increasing human capacity.