How did the guys from jackass meet

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how did the guys from jackass meet

He was a struggling actor, waiting for his big break, when he had an idea of testing self-defence products on himself. We were just about to go out and shoot, we meet with her, and she I always did that, so when the Jackass guys came to town I kind of did the. He was an actor before and after Jackass, having studied at the American Those guys, Knoxville said, would give Steve-O a beatdown if he didn't go to rehab.

So when we got connected with them, we went out [to California] to film a couple of things with a few guys with the Big Brother skateboarding magazine. Tremaine became the director and they found themselves going full speed ahead.

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It just seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger. Those things are what people remember and it makes people laugh and that was the whole point of it. You only get one body. Take care of it. I broke my ankle. I got paranoid about friends … and I got darker into drugs and drinking and wanting to be alone.

how did the guys from jackass meet

In January, the skateboarder was arrested for DUI. He is currently undergoing treatment at an LA-based rehab facility. Demise and Rise and Steve-O: He later admitted to not being able to watch any of the footage on the documentaries, due to the fact that seeing him doing drugs just made him want to do more. He told Comedy Digital Radio station's Barry: It made me crave them and as embarrassing as that footage is, that just seemed like another reason to get high. The producers put it all together and finished it up without any input for me, it's better that way.

After the film he also became a vegan, following a stunt with a ram that left him injured. He worried for the safety of the ram and therefore expressed some concern about doing stunts in the future that 'mess with animals'.

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Since then he's been trying his hand at stand up comedy, travelling around the US playing in comedy clubs. He's now going out with famous tattoo artist Kat Von D. In between these two relationships he was arrested for a stunt he pulledwhere he climbed a crane in protest against Sea World's treatment of whales. He recently went viral for his 'Titty Trick Shots'.

A series of videos whereby he aims to get a bouncy ball in between Laura Lux's cleavage. Chris Pontius Pontius, who was perhaps better known for his nakedness and portrayal of different characters such as 'Party Boy', 'Bunny the Life Guard', 'The Devil' and 'The Strongman', rather than dangerous stunts, has kept himself under the radar.

how did the guys from jackass meet

He seems to keep himself to himself, skating and surfing. He also writes a blog for Gorilla Flickswhich can keep you up to date on some of the things he's doing. It's called The Jackass Filthy Seppo Tour, and consists of the four men doing stand-up comedy, telling funny stories from their days on set together, performing stunts and meeting the audience.

According to Jeff Tremaine, the director of Jackass and Wildboyz which both starred Chris, he was a big factor in getting Jackass 3D over the line.

The untold truth of Jackass

The first clip sent by the producers to Paramount executives was 'The Helicockter', a skit where Pontius ties a piece of string to a remote control helicopter and his penis. Every major comedy player wanted it A bidding war ensued, and MTV just barely beat out Comedy Central for the rights to air the show.

The venerable NBC late-night show offered Knoxville the chance to do a pre-taped stunt each week, but he preferred doing a half-hour show and without the restraints of network TV. He'd later host an episode of SNL in Knoxville sat out a lot of the first season Knoxville didn't do many stunts during the first season because while filming an early episode, he sprained his ankle.

He tried to jump over the L. River on roller skates and didn't quite make it, and was left in an ankle brace and crutches. The original title was rejected Jackass was not the first choice for a title.

Knoxville had wanted to go with A—holes, but MTV rejected that idea on account of it being too profane. Or they'd have to censor the title of the show any time it aired or was advertised, and it's hard to build up an audience for a show that would essentially have no name.

So Jackass it was.

how did the guys from jackass meet

One cast member was a world video game champion Incontributor Brandon DiCamillo set a world record for highest score ever recorded in the video game Mortal Kombat. DiCamillo's 10 million mark shattered the previous score of 7 million, and he held the title for more than a year. MTV refused a number of stunts MTV frequently censored the show and wouldn't allow certain sketches to air—and they were almost always Steve-O's.

Among other sketches that didn't air: Knoxville helped Steve-O get sober in a very unique way Steve-O discussed his substance abuse troubles with Knoxville on many occasions, but wavered over checking himself into rehab.

Knoxville decided to force his hand, showing up unannounced at Steve-O's house along with 10 huge guys. Those guys, Knoxville said, would give Steve-O a beatdown if he didn't go to rehab.

how did the guys from jackass meet

He wisely complied, checked into rehab, and successfully stayed sober.